How Do Smart Meters Work, and How Can They Help Conserve Energy?

Posted: 18th November 2015 08:29

Although smart meters will inevitably be making their way into every home and place of business between 2015 and 2020, there are still quite a few people who are unsure of what smart meters are, how they work, and how they can make any positive changes to the way that energy is used and to the way that people pay for their energy consumption each month. And others feel that this new technology really won't help the problem of ever-increasing costs of powering a home or business.

To shed some light on some of these very important questions and concerns, below is some information that should be helpful to those who are still uncertain about smart meters and the positive impact that they can have.

What are Smart Meters, and How Do They Work?

Smart meters are essentially a newer and better way of calculating the amount of energy you consume and then sending the data directly to your energy supplier. Rather than having to worry about your energy supplier estimating how much energy you consumed in a given month or having to deal with intrusive meter readers visiting your home each month, a smart meter keeps track of your consumption every minute of every day and sends the data automatically to your supplier for an accurate readout of what you owe.

How Can Smart Meters Help Conserve Energy?

Smart meters can help you conserve energy by giving you the information you need to make smarter decisions throughout your home and your business in order to save more money on your energy bills by using your gas and electricity supplies in more eco-friendly and economically-friendly ways.

These meters also help energy providers prevent blackouts while providing more consistent energy to those who need it at all times. Because commercial energy can be provided in a more balanced and efficient fashion, the use of smart meters can even reduce the need for more power plants that would be harmful to the environment. Overall, it's a win-win for the consumer and the environment, as the energy provider will be able to bill its customers accurately, consumers will be able to save money, and the environment will benefit from fewer emissions.

Will I Really Save Money by Using a Smart Meter?

Keep in mind that smart meters themselves will not reduce your energy consumption, nor will they be able to reduce the amount of money that you spend on your electricity and gas, as the rates are determined by your energy provider and off-peak and peak hours of consumption. It is up to you to find the energy supplier that works with your budget and needs, and to also be aware of the differences in your rates during off-peak hours and peak hours so that you can use electricity and gas throughout your home and business in the most efficient ways and at the most opportune times to save the most money.

Knowing how to use the technology and feedback provided to you by your smart meter, however, is exactly what will allow you to save money on your rising energy bills each month. This is because smart meters give you a real time readout of how much energy you are consuming and how much that energy consumption will cost you. It is really up to you, and only you, to keep track of this data, to learn it well, and to adjust your habits accordingly. You may find that simply unplugging or turning off some electronics while they are not in use substantially lowers the amount of energy that your business is consuming.

Remember, all of the positive steps that you take to reduce the amount of energy you consume and to lower your energy bills will not only benefit your wallet and your profit margins. These steps will also positively affect the environment, as you will be producing far fewer greenhouse gas emissions that can lead to pollution and climate change. So every step is one in the right direction.