How has online gaming evolved with the increase in the number of affiliates?

Posted: 14th December 2016 10:57

According to statistics published by the Gambling Commission remote gambling, or online gaming is now the largest sector within the industry. This is in no small part down to the ever growing number of affiliates.
In order to understand how an increased number of affiliates has helped to evolve online gaming, it's first important to understand what an affiliate actually is.
What is an affiliate?
There are four main levels when it comes to affiliate marketing: the merchant (major retailer or brand), the network (contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and manages payments), the affiliate (who promotes the offers), and the customer. 
In online gaming terms an affiliate is a company or individual that is officially attached to a larger body; such as a major online gaming platform. The vast majority of affiliates operate with a website, or a number of websites; however, it is possible without setting up a site. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but ultimately they have one goal a which is to generate and push good quality leads through to their merchant.
The way these affiliates create interest and drive traffic towards their merchants is typically by offering potential customers tips and providing them with a selection of offers. In gaming, these affiliates will drive traffic to either sportsbook or online casino related pages – an example might be offering roulette tips and strategies. One great benefit for affiliates is that they will most likely have numerous merchants, allowing them to show the customer a variety of options.
Cross sector affiliates
Affiliates are now a huge part of the online gaming industry. They're an extension that allows their merchants to reach a wide variety of people and explore new markets. Although many affiliates tend to stick within the gaming industry when it comes to creating their content, it's clear that there's huge opportunities in other areas.
Affiliates can define a target market and build their strategy from there. Take 35-50-year-old men for example. Typically, these people will be health conscious and trying to stay in shape.
So by creating content that focuses on health and lifestyle, it's likely that an affiliate will be able to attract a large number site visits from that target market. These site visitors can then be shown merchants offers and promotions via the affiliates site.
Such strategies are a big reason as to why affiliates are having such an impact on the online gaming market. They're able to attract potential customers who aren't at the time of their initial enquiry (search), but actually looking engage with online gaming.
The overall impact of affiliates on the online gaming industry
Affiliates' role in the evolution of online gaming can't be understated. They provide a fantastic link between the customer and merchant as well as reaching out to otherwise untapped audiences.

In recent years the online gaming industry has grown and will continue to do so in the future; and you can guarantee that as it does the number of affiliates will also grow.