How New Technology is Advancing Roofing Innovation

Posted: 5th July 2017 09:30

Take a look around you, and you’ll likely see technology advances in almost all areas of your life. We’re living in a world where rapid change is happening, and new technologies are affecting how we work, the way we live and even how we move around. From using our smartphones for online shopping payments, technology is infiltrating everything we do, and the roofing industry is no exception.

Today, roofing technology is constantly being developed and implemented. With new trends emerging in the roofing industry, business owners should be at the forefront of understanding how these new technologies with shape their future.

Innovative Roof System Design

According to roof experts, the commercial roofing industry is seeing positive advances in innovative roof system design as well as increased sales. Despite the industry’s mainstay on tried and true roofing products in the industry, the introduction of computer-controlled systems in roof manufacturing plants has greatly improved product uniformity and design.
This has led to lighter, tougher, more flexible and durable roofing options. New design technology is focusing more on how roof systems can be easily installed and removed. Also, resilience is becoming the focal point in creating new levels of roof durability in extreme weather conditions.

The Drive Towards Energy Efficiency

While innovations in the roofing industry have been focused on areas of energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, businesses across the US are adopting new roofing technologies like solar roofing to cut down their heating and cooling costs.
With the adoption of new fully functional solar roofs for homes from companies like Tesla, businesses are also set to gain from new and more sustainable roofing solutions in the coming years. The future of roof-integrated solar innovation remains bright.

Drone Usage in the Roofing Industry

The practical use of drone technology in the private sector for aerial photography and overhead analysis of sites for planning purposes is already happening in the construction industry. There is no reason to believe that drones won’t be used within the roofing industry.
Ensuring a long-lasting roof is requires regular roof maintenance inspection. For many years, the challenge has always been in regard to adequate access and safety, especially in large commercial roofing systems.
The use of drone technology helps resolve a great deal of these challenges, at least in the roof inspection phase. Drones can enable faster and easier inspections and resolutions and could even be used to deliver a quick and accurate estimate for roofing work.

The Internet of Things

The utilization of the internet to connect, control and communicate with devices has been seen and proven to work in our modern world. Known as the internet of things, this technology advancement is not just being applied to our homes, but applications are also being considered in sectors like roofing. How can it be incorporated?
Smart technology like solar powered cameras and powerful WI-FI can be combined to introduce discrete sensors on commercial roofs that detect leaks and other potential damages. Integrated PV units in commercial roofs could also be controlled remotely with simple smartphone apps, further lowering long-term costs and improving efficiencies.

Steady Growth Expected

We’ve always had fanciful ideas of what the future may hold when it comes to the advancement of technology in modern living. The application of these new technologies in commercial roofing may just be starting, but the possibilities offer endless opportunities for innovation.