How Sports Businesses Are Flocking Online and Thriving

Posted: 14th July 2020 15:34

The online revolution was already moving at an unprecedented speed and now the 20s seem set to launch virtually all business online to some degree.

Here are how sports teams and the businesses connected to the sports world are adapting, often with surprisingly positive results.

Getting fans as engaged online as they are in a stadium is a challenge

Offering Incentives to Sweeten the Deal for Customers

One rule of thumb for any sports business that wants to transition from off to online is making sure that they take their loyal customers and fanbase with them.

This can be achieved in many ways but perhaps the most tried and tested method is using incentives.

This can come in the form of reduced ticket prices if a fan downloads an app, just as the English Football League did recently, or giving away free bets for fans to use on upcoming big games or tournaments.

Personal trainers and yoga instructors are doing great business online

Expand Reach and Embrace Video Calls

It is nothing new for the likes of leagues and teams to expand their reach overseas to sell merchandise to fans all across the globe.

However, now it has become the turn of personal trainers and fitness instructors to do the same, with many saying they have experienced an uptick in business as working exclusively online has meant are been able to source customers from further afield while simultaneously eliminating their travel and gym space overheads.

Content is Key

If sports companies didn’t know that online content is key to growing their brand then they were already missing out, but now it is pretty much mandatory to have a strong online presence across all social media and search engine platforms.

This has become particularly pertinent for sports teams and their use of engaging video content. They are helped by the fact many sports players have had a huge uptick in social media followers lately, meaning clubs and businesses can piggyback on their success, such as the Premier League increasing its social media engagement stats by 146% in the first half of 2020 despite actually releasing less content than usual.

Stay Abreast of Software and Keep Websites and Apps Bug Free

Of course, the one thing you really can’t afford to have happen if all your business has moved online is for your systems to break down.

Therefore, it is imperative that sports businesses and indeed any business remain up to date where software upgrades and troubleshooting are concerned.