How Technology Is Changing the Restaurant World

Posted: 10th June 2015 09:39

For many years, restaurants have remained relatively the same. The systems of seating, ordering, preparing food and paying have all functioned in about the same manner for as long as restaurants have been around, but changing technology is beginning to change how restaurants choose to operate.
Most consumers are attached to their smart phones or other devices throughout the day, and restaurant owners are taking advantage of that fact by implementing tablets that customers can use as part of the dining process. By embracing these new technological advances in restaurant marketing, managers and owners are beginning to see how they can improve the restaurant experience for themselves as well as their customers.
Embracing the Trends
Since customers' phones aren't going anywhere soon, many restaurant owners are seeing the value in implementing these types of devices into their operations. Instead of trying to get diners to put their phones away, some restaurants offer apps and programs that can be used right on a diner's own device. Whether it is a game that is specific to the restaurant or a menu that diners can look at before they are seated, restaurants can brand themselves and allow guests to begin the dining experience before they even walk in the doors.
Reducing Turn Time
For a restaurant to function properly, it needs to be able to operate at a quick pace, turning tables so that more customers can be seated. According to an article by Tech Crunch, a test program at Applebee's found that implementing tablets into the operations of a restaurant can significantly reduce the amount of time that it takes to turn a table between diners. In addition, the study found that customers' overall perceptions of the restaurant were improved, and they were happier with the experience as a whole.
Collecting Data
Data analytics can make a big difference for any business, but it can be especially helpful for restaurants looking to make improvements. When tablets are used, managers are able to quickly and easily collect data on all customers. This data can include what people order, how much they spend on a typical meal and many other dining habits that can help business owners stay ahead of the competition. By using data collected from marketing techniques, some restaurants have seen a big jump in customer retention, suggesting that understanding what consumers want can keep them coming back for more.
Simplifying Life for Guests and Staff
Keeping staff members happy can be just as important for restaurants as keeping guests happy. Some restaurants have begun to implement new technology that is meant to be used by cooks, servers and delivery workers to improve on-the-job performance. Taking the stress out of the hands of employees can help them stay relaxed and focused on the task at hand instead of worrying about where the food needs to go, where to seat people and when to make a delivery.
The tech world continues to grow and improve, and restaurants are just starting to catch up. In the future, it is likely that much of the ordering and paying done at a restaurant will be done from the comfort of one's own table.