How the Cloud Has Transformed Human Relations

Posted: 19th December 2017 09:01

When people talk about the Cloud,they are talking about the different computer programs that run on the internet, rather than on a specific computer. This allows people to access that data from different locations, and also can allow a variety of people in different locations the ability to access the same information. The use of the Cloud has impacted many aspects of business, including human relations, or HR. From the availability of paperwork to the ease of updates, here are some ways that the Cloud has transformed human relations.


The Cloud allows an HR Department to store all the important documents that employees might need. From hiring packets to requests for time off, it’s all available in one convenient location. Human Resources can email the link to a new hire, so that they are able to do a large portion of the work ahead of time. Any employee who receives the link from Human Resources can access the information. By putting this responsibility in the hands of the employee, this can help the business cut back on paper usage and increase the sense of individual responsibility in a business. It can really transform HR departments.


Sometimes, the Human Resources department in a large company can be located in a place separate from the other parts of the business. By using the Cloud to store and share information, they can be more connected to the day-to-day work of the business. In addition, this helps the people in charge of the various locations stay in closer contact. Everyone will be able to share data in a more convenient way, and it will all be available to everyone who might need it. Human Resources will also be able to comment on more than a few scattered events. By having more of the company’s information on the Cloud, the Human Resources department will be more involved in a positive way. This will go a long way towards integrating them even more fully into the daily operations of the business. It also allows them to communicate over different platforms.


Many times, a small detail in paperwork needs to be edited and adjusted. Before they began to use the Cloud, Human Resources would need to print out, edit, scan, save, and then send to the various people who need it. With the Cloud, many of these updates are simpler fixes than they were before. An additional advantage that Human Resources can experience from using the Cloud is the fact that any updates are automatically sent to those who had the original link. The Cloud is a quick and easy way for a Human Resources department to update and share information, quickly and efficiently.

There are also some companies that have programs specifically designed to help human relations run more smoothly, as part of the cloud. If a business is looking for a program specifically for human relations, a Namely versus Zenefits comparison can be very helpful.Comparative studies can make it easy for you to find the right software. The creation of these programs, in addition to the ease of updates, the availability of paperwork, and the integration of HR into the everyday business, has helped transform HR.