How to Attract New Customers and Make Your Business Thrive

Posted: 2nd May 2017 08:54

Wondering how to build an iron-clad customer base? Well, these tips could be your answer. Whether you’re an entrepreneurial newbie dipping your toes in the water or a seasoned veteran expanding your current business, gaining new customers is going to be the key to a sustainable, booming business.
Know Your Product

Get clear on exactly what it is that your company plans to offer. Hammer out the specifics and organize the details early on in order to have a definitive description of your product and services. You need to know your business inside and out if you plan on marketing yourself honestly and effectively. It’s also important to research the specific niche you’re in, and what other companies in the industry are offering, as well as their prices and rates, quality, and audience. Focus more on listening to what your customer wants rather than what you can offer. Highlight quality over price and communicate to future clients why your product is going to be the best fit for their unique needs.
Advertise Effectively

There are going to be many ways you can attract attention to your business through advertising and it’s important to incorporate several, if not all of them when gaining a bigger customer base. Combine any number of the following strategies to boost your business’s visibility.
- Build a captivating website
This means putting effort into a dynamic, user-friendly site that’s easy for potential clients to navigate. Keep your contact information easily accessible and keep your message succinct.
- Create an email list and monthly newsletter
Refrain from overwhelming clients with too much information or so many email updates it becomes bothersome.
- Become a social media savant
Make use of various social media platforms to advertise the services you offer. Almost everyone uses at least one form of social media and it will never hurt you to keep an interesting, updated blog or stories on your platforms.
- Grow your contact list
Chances are, you already have a fair amount of contacts you can reach out to regarding your new endeavor. Put effort into networking further and discuss your project with confidence whenever the topic comes up with new acquaintances.
- Advertise in local publications
Take advantage of local lifestyle magazines and newspapers. You can always invest in a visible billboard if your resources allow and become an actively engaged member of your community.
- Business cards and brochures

Never underestimate the power of quality business cards and printed brochures. Business cards are the perfect way to offer a tangible representation of your company to new prospects, especially if they’re printed on sturdy material and interesting to look at. Don’t go overboard with your brochure, keep it neat and simple!
Always Follow Up
Customer service is going to be paramount for any business that regularly interacts with the public. The amount of time and energy that you’re willing to inves tinto your client’s satisfaction is going to show up down the road in the form of positive reviews and referrals. Following up with your customers shows that you care about their experience and haven’t forgotten them after the fact, which again, bodes well for you when they recommend you to someone else. The more personalized you can be in your correspondence, (ie. birthday promotions, holiday postcards, etc.) the more likely you are to retain repeat customers.
The approach you take to advertising is going to either make or break your company’s visibility in the marketplace. Be patient with the process, as you won’t become number one in your field overnight, and put time and effort into creating a personalized experience for all of your clientele.