How to Create a Successful Small Exhibition Stand

Posted: 15th January 2016 14:36

Creating an exhibition stand to use at a business event is a great way to boost your brand presence and improve your client list. However, it isn’t always possible to set up large stands at events like this and if you run a small business, then you might want to set up a small stall to avoid going over budget. Companies such as Nimlok Customs create engaging exhibition stands and these stands are perfect for businesses of all sizes to promote anything from their brand through to a specific product.
Designing and building a stand that can be used at an exhibition can take time and there are many elements to consider, namely:
Your stand will need to draw your audience in and give them a space to interact with you and a good way to capture people’s attention at an event is to use decorative banners and flags to direct them to your stand. Once at your stand, you will need to ensure you have printed marketing materials to hand out such as flyers and brochures.
Just because you have a limited budget it doesn’t mean you can’t create an effective stand.
When setting up your stall, you will need to consider the following:
One thing all business events have in common is that they are busy, bustling places with hundreds and sometimes thousands of people walking around looking for inspiration. How do you make sure your stall stands out from the rest? What are you offering that no one else is?
Make sure your stand features the following:
You can even use a gimmick to get people’s attention such as an entertainer, a singer, a television screen with a presentation video playing or even set up a game and invite people to play with you. Once they are inside your stall, it is important to be able to provide them with the information that they need so make sure that you have flyers, brochures and leaflets to hand to give out.
Make use of the space you are given, even if it is small and never clutter it as this will put people off of entering. Clean, well-organised spaces work well at events and you only need to have advertising banners, marketing materials and some seats in a small stall to meet your objectives of advertising a product or increasing your brand awareness. A modular stand is easy to customize and is ideal for small business and you can purchase or hire your stall, depending on your budget.