How To Grow An Auto Repair Shop

Posted: 11th September 2018 08:30

Growing an auto repair shop is problematic in most situations because of the simple reason that the owner does not really have the business knowledge needed to take everything to a whole new level. This is completely normal since most shops are owned by mechanics that opened their very own business. Fortunately, you have various things that you can do and many strategies are already presented online. However, there are some things that should be understood before you build your growth strategy.

Why Do Customers Come Into The Shop?

This is the most important question you need to answer. The truth is that a customer enters the auto repair shop in order to spend money. The problem is that we are looking at money that the car owner does not really want to spend. When someone wants wheel alignment at Pickerings Auto, they do it because they have to, not because they want to.

Vehicles are basically vital for our lifestyle and livelihood. When the auto repair shop is educating and informing customers about necessary repairs to make cars reliable and safe, a relationship is established. Basically, a big part of growing customer base is showing that you care. Obviously, all repairs have to be done in a completely transparent and professional way. This is what wins the long-term customers that are pivotal for business growth sustainability.

The Price Misconception

Most people in the auto repair industry believe that the customer is mostly interested in how much will be paid for the repairs that are needed. In reality, what the modern car owner is hypersensitive to is value.

There were different customer surveys done about car repair services. Consumers showed that convenience, quality, support and reliability were much more important to them than price. A common business growth approach is to offer cheap prices to get more customers. This is not actually effective. What should be done is to offer good value for the money that is paid.

The Truth About Quality

You need to be aware of the fact that service quality is now really poor in most US industries. This is why consumers appreciate and know quality. When looking at the automotive repair industry, this belief is particularly true. Quality is all about offering really good service and only installing quality parts that come from the trusted manufacturers. You need capable techs and you need to offer great service after a sale is done. This is what will set the auto repair shop aside from the competition.


The last thing that should always be discussed is advertising. This is definitely something that is necessary but you should realize the fact that advertising will always appeal to logic. It is branding that will appeal to the consumer’s emotion.

One of the vital parts of growing an auto repair shop is branding. This brings in huge long-term benefits. You can end up advertising at much lower prices and still get wonderful results when the brand is recognized. It simply makes everything simpler.