How to Hire the Best Staff for Your Restaurant

Posted: 7th November 2018 11:54

When it comes to creating a successful restaurant, there are all kinds of ingredients that are needed. While a great menu is certainly a huge aspect of it, one of the key factors is the staff that you hire. Friendly, courteous, reliable, and efficient staff don’t just make your life as a restaurant owner easier; they also help to bring in the customers and keep them coming back.

If you’re in the process of hiring new staff or you’re getting ready to in the near future, then there are some tips you can keep in mind to ensure you get the best of the best. These tips can help you during the search and the interviewing process.

Figure Out How Many Staff You Need

The first tip is to begin by figuring out how many staff you need to hire. Too few staff can affect the customer experience in a negative way, as you won’t have enough cooks and servers to handle the crowds, but too many staff will also affect your bottom line in a negative way since it will eat away at profits.

As a restaurant owner, you have all kinds of overhead costs that you are dealing with such as finding comfortable, stylish, and affordable furniture through sites such as; finding suppliers that provide you with the ingredients and food products you need and that are up to the quality you expect at an affordable price; restaurant equipment, and so much more. Overhead costs are something that any responsible restaurant owner needs to be aware of at all times, and then consider how staff factor in.

Your Staff Represents the Brand

Remember the staff you hire aren’t just doing a job, they are representing your brand/restaurant and you as the restaurant owner. Staff that are professional, welcoming, enthusiastic, and friendly will help to create a strong and respected brand.

Look for Those with Experience

While there is nothing wrong with giving someone a first try in the industry, a lot can also be said for hiring those with experience. Looking for staff with experience specifically in the food service industry means they will already have a basic understanding of how things will work. Chances are they will be familiar with how to take orders, hand orders over to the chef/cook, and how to serve customers in a friendly and efficient manner.

Look for Staff That are Reliable

Another tip is to look for those who are reliable. You want staff that show up on time, don't miss shifts, are ready to give their all once they clock in, and that can be counted on. You don’t want to be scrambling around at the last minute trying to bring in extra staff simply because you have hired people who are unreliable.

Building that Perfect Mix

These tips are designed to help you hire not just anyone but staff that truly represents your brand and create an environment that customers feel welcomed in and want to return.