How to incorporate successful recruitment in big business

Posted: 6th October 2015 14:32

Recruitment isn’t just concerned with sourcing the right staff members for an advertised role. Retention of staff is seen as just as important as hiring. Small businesses and SMEs have a better reputation in this sphere than big business.

The recruitment process

Any company wants to ensure that they attract the right candidates for a vacancy from within their company. An internal HR department can quite competently manage the whole process but they may be too bound up in the brand ethos to be able to look for less traditional candidates. Working with an external recruitment consultancy like may make the process easier as they can collate the best available candidates and reduce that administration workload.

Small cog in a big machine

Many candidates who initially loved the idea of working within a large global corporation may find the reality of working in a huge company quite complicated. Successful recruitment must consider retention as part of its selection process. According to an article in the Guardian, one way of overcoming this costly problem is to ensure that the new member of staff has a clear development path and knows who they can talk to, should any problems arise.

It’s not just about the formal interview

Psychometric testing can weed out unsuitable candidates and unveil potential in others, but some well-known employers don’t rely on science alone. Apparently, Richard Branson makes a genuine effort to engage with candidates on a personal level as well as employing a formal recruitment process.
Lawrence Jones of the IT company UK Fast says, ‘skills can be taught, whereas attitude is ingrained.’ Jones continues by suggesting that more companies should emulate the Branson technique and have a conversation with their candidates, ‘Richard is great at this, he’ll never get to know someone just by sitting down for a meeting. He’ll take them for a walk.’

Expand your horizons

Every sector of industry uses a certain vocabulary and set of standards. Using a recruitment agency to aid in the candidate selection process means that a company will have access to a more diversified pool of candidates and may bring an innovative way of thinking into the fold. Many well-known global legal firms are already expanding their respective nets and have realised that by following this practice they may become even more successful, rather than less so. Innovative thinking is just as important for large companies as it is for SMEs.

Successful recruitment is vital

A contemporary recruitment campaign costs around £30K, so it’s imperative that all companies, large or small, recognise the importance of a well thought out, well-advertised campaign. Successful recruitment has to be measured by both employer and employee satisfaction.
If you want to attract the right candidate you must be able to offer the right package of work satisfaction and benefits, as well as ensuring that the candidate will become an asset to your company. Otherwise one side will become disenchanted and you’ll have to start the whole process all over again.