How to: jump on board Google’s high street revival

Posted: 1st November 2016 11:28

A stroll down the high street will fill you with fear when you’re thinking of starting your own retail business.
With shop after shop boarded up and the place almost entirely devoid of people, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d somehow walked onto the set of an end-of-the-world disaster film. Yup, things have been looking bleak for the high street for a few years now.

According to The Guardian, footfall in shopping areas has decreased by 10 per cent in the past year, leaving 46,000 empty commercial properties around the UK.

Already giving up your dreams of running a retail empire? Well, hold on just a minute because recent news is sure to put a smile on your face again.

A Google-led high street comeback

The pitiful state of high streets hasn’t escaped the attention of the internet giant Google. Apparently, it’s noticed a significant move back towards shopping locally, and it wants to get involved by increasing the visibility of local shops and services in search results.

Aiming to teach 250,000 small business owners vital skills in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by the end of the year, Google has already run several popup training centres across the UK.

Get involved by opening a shop

With more AdWords experts and digitally savvy businesses, Google is bound to see some financial payback for current activities. Nevertheless, its high street revival is a noble goal.

All you have to do is take advantage of the current interest in local retailers and get the ball rolling on your dream of opening up a shop.

Here are our top tips for getting in on the action.

#1: Fine tune your business plan

Fantasies and wishes are nothing without a comprehensive business plan to back them up. Remember to include market research, budgets and funding options.

#2: Find the perfect property

The good thing about an empty high street is that there are plenty of available shops to rent. Use an online database to whittle down the search according to budget or location, and you’ll be moving into the perfect premises before you know it.

#3: Spread the word

Get started on SEO as soon as you’re settled on a place, employing the services of a professional marketing firm if your technical knowhow is a little shaky. Invest in a local campaign as well, spreading updates and news via social media.

#4: Celebrate with a grand opening

Once you’ve got the shop in order you can finally celebrate. Extend an open invitation to your local community and neighbouring businesses, pop the champagne and get ready to welcome all your customers.

There’s no better time to launch your flagship store and take your first steps towards running a retail empire. Get in there now, and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits of being at the helm of the high street comeback.