How to keep people on your website in 3 Simple Steps

Posted: 7th June 2016 10:02

For those who are new to business and unfamilar with the term 'bounce rate', this refers to how many visitors leave your website after visiting a single landing page. The higher this rate the worse news that it is for your business, as this means that your website is failing to engage customers and provide them with a compelling reason to stay.
Such a state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue, as this means that your website is failing to optimise its full potential and achieve the required rate of conversions. Resolving this is easier said than done, however, especially if you have limited  knowledge of digital marketing or typical website metrics.
Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to make your website more alluring to visitors.

1. Create well-written content and narratives

This is the first and most important step, as high quality content offers value to readers and compels them to browse for longer (particularly if it delivers insight, valuable industry knowledge or fascinating statistics). While much of this may be published on your blog and features internal, organic links to specific product pages, it is also important to continue the theme on landing pages themeselves.

There is nothing wrong with developing creative and engaging content surrounding your product ranges, for example, perhaps even sharing a narratve behind the brand and its unique design processes. This also adds immense value to the consumer experience, and when combined with crucial product knowledge and hard facts can make a compelling argument for customers to stay.

2. Include Internal Links

We have already referrenced the importance of internal links, but webmasters continue to undervalue these in the modern age. Some even avoid including them completely, as they run scared of percived Google sanctions and algorithms, without recgonising that it is the sites that link to them which offer the most danger to online visibility and have the greatest influence on SERPs.

Not only is the inclusion of relevant, natural and authority links not harmful, however, but it can also add further value to the customer experience. It offers additional reading material and multiple content options, for example, which creates considerable diversity for readers and establishes the type of flexibility of customer crave in 2016.

3. Offer a strong incentive and Value Proposition
If you review more of online bingo, you will probably have noticed that there is a clearly defined value proposition presented almost immediately. This is usually takes the form of a simple and lucrative promotional offer, which is either designed to hook new customers or reward the loyalty of existing players.

You can learn from this lesson as a business-owner, using concise and strategically placed messaging to target both new customers and those who are already famliar with the brand. Simplicity is the key, while your value proposition must also incentivise customers in a way that appeals strongly to them.