How to Make a Great Impression in a Job Interview

Posted: 29th October 2018 09:30

Have you been searching for a job for what seems like a very long time now? Does it seem like your CV is getting attention but then you never seem to get past the job interview stage of the process? If so, the problem may not be with your CV, skills, and experience; it could in fact be more about how you are coming across in an interview. While your CV is what captures the attention of potential employers, they want to wait and see how you do in the interview process before making any sort of decision.

Here we’ll take a look at how you can make a great impression at your next job interview so that you can hopefully start landing some well-deserved offers.

Make Sure You Brush Up on the Company and the Industry

It's always a good idea to go into a job interview with some basic knowledge about the company who is interviewing you, the industry they are in, and what they do. This won’t take much time on your part, as simple online research is more than enough, and yet it will help you to come across extremely prepare, knowledgeable, and keen on getting your foot in the door.

Make Sure You Know What’s on Your CV

When you put together your CV, you give it thought at the time, but then people tend to forget about it and it may slip their mind what’s on there. Make it a habit to also review your CV and cover letter before your interview as there is a good chance you will be asked specific questions about the content. You want to be sure you’re prepared for the answers so that you come off professional.

Make Sure You Are Using the Right Kind of References

One ingredient to a successful CV is to include a couple of references. These are people that you are inviting the potential employer to call and ask about you. Who you pick to include as a reference can ultimately lead to a successful job offer or being passed over all together. In fact, many employers end up giving mediocre references which is definitely not to your advantage.

This is exactly why you can now use a company to provide a job reference checking, which basically pre-screens what the employers will say about you. What this means is that you won’t be in for any bad surprises.

Make Sure You Use Your Listening Skills

While the job interview does require you to speak and answer questions, it's also a time to show your listening skills. Listening to what the interviewer has to say about the company, the position, and the questions they are asking you will show that you are interested and have excellent communication skills.

Dress the Part

Finally, you want to be sure you dress the part and show up in appropriate office-attire. You want to show that you can fit right in from the start.

Using these tips can help you to turn around your luck and start to get some job offers.