How To Make Company Changes That Stick

Posted: 23rd May 2017 14:19

From time to time a company needs to change but this does not happen because of so many possible reasons. Unfortunately, in many cases the leadership announces plans and forgets the fact that the rest of the organization has to be involved in the process. Business changes are hard to make and people are generally reluctant to them.

The big problem in many cases is that when employees are not on board, change will not even happen. This can be a disaster. For instance, in a hospital, when changes are not respected by doctors, malpractice cases appear. That can hurt the entire hospital. When production guidelines change for any product, faults can appear in the end product. Numerous examples can be offered but what you are interest in is change. How can you make a change stick?

Destroying Communication Breakdown

As a change is initially announced, information concerns appear. Leaders explain the move and why that is a really good idea. That is not how things should be done. Employees have to understand a change and leaders need to share information before the change actually happens. Explaining change is done in a clear manner with as much information as possible. Focus on why changes are needed, why they are good, what the current problems are and how fast the change has to happen.

Getting Personal

Staff members want to know how a change is going to impact them. Personal concerns can always appear and they have to be handled with caution. When organizations change people will believe that organization commitments and personal commitments will be threatened. A focus on what is lost first appears.
When people cannot deal with the feelings they have, the feelings remain. Communication needs to reach a personal level so that all concerns would dissipate.

Planning Changes

The most important part of change is planning it in detail. When communication channels are proper in a company the employees will help. Planning the change should bring in a step-by-step plan that can be respected in order to achieve the desired goal. This is a process that is not as simple as many businessmen think. What you have to do as a leader is to allow the needed time and get all people that are needed involved.
Selling Changes

After you answer all questions about change implementation, the staff will think about impacts. This is where the change needs to be sold. You want to basically prove that the change is a good thing. In so many situations we see that employees believe a specific change is not going to be beneficial. If this is the case, not much effort will be put into actually implementing it.


Business change is all about planning and smart collaboration between all people that are a part of the company. You want to be sure that all change is announced with adequate time for everyone to actually understand what will happen. If you want change to work, be sure you focus on everything mentioned above.