How to Make Workplace Safety Training Fun

Posted: 5th October 2018 09:35

Workplace safety is a very important concept. Legislation surrounding worker’s rights in the United States is far from perfect, and varies greatly from state to state with relatively little federal intervention. However, for all its faults, the USA does set certain safety standards which are designed to ensure that every American can go to work each day secure in the knowledge that they will return home safely.

But all the regulations and rights in the world count for nothing if workplaces don't bother to implement them. Businesses and workers should also remember that the safety standards set out in these regulations usually represent a minimum standard. Going above and beyond will benefit both businesses and workers.

Why Workplace Safety Training Matters

Much of workplace health and safety is just good old common sense, but you should still never assume knowledge on the part of others. The adage “better safe than sorry” applies here.

Of course, some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, but every workplace has hazards. When you consider the potential consequences of accidents and injuries, it seems crazy not to take the small amount of time required to go through some workplace safety training. If you do it right, it can even be fun!

If you are uncertain in your ability to give comprehensive safety training to your workforce, you should use a professional service like Stronghold Safety Engineering, rather than give your workers sub-par training.

Games, Competitions, and Rewards

The holy trinity of fun! (As far as workplace safety training is concerned anyway). Using games allows you to make the experience more interactive and engaging. By encouraging some friendly competition, you will enhance both of these effects. Finally, offering rewards helps to solidify the lessons you are teaching, and adds an extra dose of fun to the mix.


Adding humor to proceedings is always easier said than done, and if you misfire with your delivery, it can even end up having a detrimental effect. However, if you can make it work, humor is the best way of getting your audience to engage with your presentation and to take on board everything you say.

Active Participation

The more interaction and audience participation you can work into your training, the more engaged with it your employees will be. When we are actively involved in learning, whether in the form of note taking, or of taking part in group activities, we are much better at retaining any information.

Encourage Discussion

This is another easy way of adding more interaction to your training sessions. Having your workers discuss your lessons with one another will not only help to reinforce those lessons, it will also encourage everyone to think about the issues raised in a different way. Hearing other people’s perspectives can be a powerful learning tool.


Anecdotes are always helpful, but you don’t need to find or create examples for every point you make. Instead, you can utilize storytelling as a way of positing more engaging hypotheticals. Your audience will retain more of your training if you present it to them in a more engaging format, such as storytelling.

Workplace health and safety training is important. But if you don’t make it fun and engaging, there’s less chance of your workers taking it all on board. Try and keep your safety training interactive, utilize games and rewards, and encourage your workers to discuss the issues raised. Do all this and you will have the safest workplace in town!