How To Make Your Printed Investment Brochure A Success

Posted: 17th November 2014 12:53

Even with a very cheap printing service, it costs a lot of money to print a brochure. A lot of resources go into it when you consider the hours put into the writing, design and printing. This is why you can’t afford to create an investment brochure that won’t turn out to be a resounding success.  There are other ways to save your business cash but making sure money isn’t wasted on poorly designed investment brochures is a great start. Here are some tips that will help your create an investment brochure that will hit home.

Understand your prospects

Before you devote time into the creation of any brochure, you need to properly understand your customers. Why would they want to invest into your business? What is in it for them in the long run? What problems will investing in your business solve for them?  You need to know the right answers to these questions. Sit down with your sales team if need be and talk to a few customers.  The discussions should provide you with the right texts to put in the brochure.

Plan your brochure for maximum effect

A good brochure is one that grabs attention, sparks interest and desire and forces the prospect to take action.   When your brochure doesn’t fulfil this, the purpose for creating in the first place will not be achieved. The kind of call to action you decide to have on the form is up to you. It could be “call now” or “request a call back now”.   Don’t allow you prospects to read the brochure and move on.

Don’t waste valuable space

It may seem a good idea to have a picture of your beautiful office take up the front page of the brochure but this is counterproductive.  Most people who accept brochures from business owners are not concerned about the size of the office or the exquisite finishing.  They are always on the lookout for what your business has to offer.   Therefore, instead of wasting space, add more reason why investing in your business is a great idea.

Make use of headlines inside the brochure

According to Dean Williams, a printing expert, the average brochure recipient will skim through it as soon as they open it. This is why it is important for you to have interesting and benefits-oriented headlines in there to easily move the reader through the content. Click here for more information from Dean Williams.

Employ the use of bullet points

The bullet points should be focus on the main features of your product and service. Keep in mind that consumers and business people are always in a hurry and have dozens of ads to look at. Use the bullet points to make it easier for them to skim through the brochure. With feature-rich bullet points, you will be able to get the reader to stay focused on what you have to offer and get them to take action.

With these tips, your brochure will bring in more results for you!



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