How to Make Your Products Stand Out in the Ecommerce Era

Posted: 8th May 2020 11:43

More and more people are switching to online commerce in response to the current lockdown. Experts are already saying that this will soon become the new normal, with online commerce and low-touch economy being the rule rather than the exception.

This means you have to fine-tune your product for online buyers. A good product photo alone will not cut it. In order to appear distinct and separate yourself from the competitors, three primary components of the product must be done right.

Product Packaging as a Start

The first thing you want to refine is the packaging of your product. Customers in a store don’t mind reading small prints and will most likely be able to spot a complex packaging design if the brand is recognizable enough. That is not the case with online buyers.

You want your product packaging to be bold and recognizable on the first glance. Forget about adding too much information to the packaging. The packaging itself needs to be more striking design-wise, while information to users can be delivered digitally on the product page.

Bold packaging design is not the only thing you can do either; you can develop a more compact and functional packaging. Packaging Lab, a leading name in product packaging design and production, has some very good ideas that you can implement and produce immediately.

Brand Elements in Everything

Packaging and product photos are just the beginning. Marketing your products online involves getting different elements of the product marketing executed perfectly, and that includes maintaining consistency across your digital communications.

When you do market your products using digital marketing tools, make sure a consistent set of brand elements appear in the marketing content. A good picture of the product or its packaging is a start. You can also add your logo and stick to the brand’s color scheme at all times.

Even your copy needs to represent the voice of the product. If your product is designed to be playful, you have to go beyond utilizing a playful packaging design. You also need to pick playful words whenever you are copywriting for product marketing purposes.

Build an Experience

The third element affects customers when they start interacting with the product: brand experience, or product experience specifically. You want to go the extra mile when it comes to creating a satisfying journey for your customers, and that process includes delivering a positive product experience.

When packaging food products, for instance, you want them to be easy to open, but also resealable at the same time. This combination allows customers to enjoy your products quickly while not having to worry about storing the product for an extended period of time.

Putting It Together

Here’s an extra tip to keep in mind: no single element can stand on its own. Product experience delivery in the ecommerce era depends on multiple elements working together seamlessly. The product and packaging design, the marketing campaigns and brand voice, and the product experience are the three elements that must work hand in hand in order to set your products – and your brand – apart from the competitors.