How to Make Your Workforce More Productive

Posted: 26th January 2016 10:05

A productive workforce and IT Infrastructure from Sungard is one of the biggest ongoing challenges for businesses around the world. Is there a magic formula for productivity and profitability, and if so, does one size fit all? Well, it seems not, but there are a number of issues any business can address to make their workforce more productive.
First, create a happy culture
It won’t surprise you to learn that the happiest employees are also the most productive employees. So, taking the time to find out what your employees really wantis a strong starting point. Is flexibility in their working hours a deal-breaker? Is a platform to contribute their ideas something they value above all else? Or is it having the necessary tools to do the job, such as software from the likes of CIPHR? Once you know what makes your employees happy (and it's worth asking regularly), do whatever you can to accommodate for it.
A valued, trusted, listened to workforce will inevitably go the extra mile for an employer that recognises them as human beings rather than ‘hired hands’.
Stop micromanaging
Although employees like clear goals and defined parameters, they also like autonomy. As an employer, it’s your job to facilitate resources, time and support - not hover over their shoulders. It can be hard to relinquish control, but ultimately, trust that you’ve hired the right person for the job and guide them. Provide clear goals and objectives, but leave your employees to decide how they’re going to accomplish their work and fulfil their side of the bargain. It’s natural (and necessary) to give some limits and parameters, checking in as regularly as possible, but have faith that your employees understand the bottom line. Freedom, discretion and self-direction go a long way towards making your workforce more productive.
Empower them to forge a career with you
Hire bright, passionate people, and be clear about the direction they can move in within your company. Ensure your values have been communicated to them. Do they have to be ‘man-managers’ in order to be promoted or paid more? Or are you happy for them to continue doing the job you hired them for because they’re the very best at it? Employees appreciate knowing what they’re being judged on. So, if it’s possible to let them trial working in other departments, or take on dual roles, be flexible enough to accommodate for it. You’ll retain your best talent and boost your chances of being profitable: passionate employees are invariably the most productive!
Keep everyone in the loop
Monthly meetings aren’t enough. Employees value being trusted with knowledge and information, and feel better when working towards a common cause. A workforce also likes to know where they stand in comparison to other companies in the market, so make sure your employees can answer questions like, 'how much profit do we make annually?', 'what are our goals this year?' and, 'who are our biggest competitors?'. Your workforce will perform better if they feel that they’re part of a team, knowing they’re all responsible for being aware of critical issues and the tasks required for their joint success.