How to market your business through the Covid-19 crisis

Posted: 2nd July 2020 10:08

When it comes to marketing through the Covid-19 crisis, businesses both large and small are having to think on their feet. With potentially thousands of lost revenues to try and make up for, it’s never been more important for businesses to transform their marketing strategies and appeal to customers old and new.

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, many businesses can expect to see an influx of customers ready and willing to use their services. However, just because consumers might be willing to make up for lost time, it doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. Competition between businesses has never been stronger and a good marketing strategy has never been more important. So, how can you effectively market your business through the
Covid-19 crisis? We’ll examine some simple ways to get started below.

Be clever with branding

Branding is a strong force when it comes to marketing your business effectively. You can promote your business and your brand whilst keeping safety in mind with branded face masks from safetystock. Other PPE equipment can also be branded including visors and back to work care kits, making it a simple but wholly effective way of maintaining safety and highlighting your brand.

Be wary of language and your approach

Coronavirus has left thousands of families bereft and facing a future without loved ones. It’s a sensitive subject, so business owners need to be wary of language in any marketing campaign they may be considering. Fail to do so and you could cause irreversible damage for your business. Be sensitive and avoid things like “Covid-19 prices!” or “post-lockdown prices to die for!”. Be tactful.

Visual imagery of clients being close to employees, hands shaking, crowds or even terms that don’t reflect the current government guidelines e.g. “welcoming back clients with open arms”, “working hand in hand” etc, should also be avoided.

Keep your clients informed

Keeping your customers and clients informed of the new safety practices you’re adopting is essential. Marketing your business as one that is taking the safety of its customers seriously is going to be more successful. Using visors and masks? Post about them. Created a one-way system around your store? Create a video highlighting what the new customer experience will be like. The more transparent you are with your clients and the more you put them at ease, the more customers you’ll get. 

Don’t neglect your blog

If you don't have a company blog, then you're missing out on a much-needed SEO boost. Blogs are a strong marketing tool that allows clients and customers to see what you're up to and the view latest news regarding your business. It gives your company credibility and drives people straight to your website and social media pages. Let clients know your plans for opening safely, and how you’re coping during the pandemic, it makes for good reading and will encourage people to support you more during this difficult time.

And finally… don't neglect your SEO

Getting found online is important right now. So don’t neglect your SEO. Continue to publish relevant and fresh content, use alt tags, update your social media pages, improve your site’s loading speed and consider adding outbound links!