How to Remain High-Touch in a High-Tech World

Posted: 7th January 2020 11:51

Companies have more opportunities than ever to reach a broad, global audience through the power of technology. However, customers don't always want a barrage of social media, email marketing, display ads, Facebook ads, drip campaigns, and text updates in their inbox and feeds every day. According to a report by Sitel Group, 70% of consumers still want human interaction versus bots

Instead of pulling back on their high-tech outreach, companies can simultaneously embrace a high-touch approach with customers. The term "high-touch" was coined in the early 1980's by author John Naisbitt who warned against automating every business transaction without human interaction, as reported by PCMag. By focusing on real people to nurture client relationships, here's how to stay high-touch in a high-tech world:

Showcase Real People with Real Stories

Businesses must give customers a reason to buy and engage with their brand by offering a glimpse at real people with real stories. One way to do this is by letting an audience get to know team members and the company CEO through videos and social media posts. Walking around the office with a camera letting customers get a glimpse of the office dog can also help personalize the customer experience.

The direct selling industry is an excellent example of showcasing how to blend high-tech with high-touch in order to succeed. Companies like Amway use YouTube videos, graphics, and social media posts to feature their Independent Business Owners (IBO) and the stories behind their flexible businesses. It also gives IBO's a chance to share their thoughts on Amway pyramid scheme facts and how they dispel the rumors in order to sell their products. 

Engage the Senses

Most companies, big or small, build up a presence on social media, but that doesn't always mean they're engaging their customers. Instead of posting sales, promotions, and updates, companies should also engage their customer's senses.

Businesses can consider promoting a Caribbean tour by posting vibrant videos and images of parades and festivals. Imagine watching previous customers describe their favorite flavors and dishes of a trip, followed by visuals of a clear, blue ocean and swaying palm trees. The more a business can create the sensation of experience, the more customers will resonate with their messaging. 

Employ the Right Client Facing Team

Companies who focus solely on digital touchpoints from email drip campaigns to feedback forms risk alienating their customers and leaving them cold. Customers still need human interaction, and it takes the right client-facing team to nurture that relationship. A highly-trained customer service or account person can meet with clients face to face or over video chat to help personalize the customer experience. Afterward, a high-tech project management platform or customer relationship management tool can bring the project to life behind the scenes.

Companies should also deliver the touchpoints customers want by polling them on a regular basis. For example, HubSpot reported that high-touch customers want to know who is handling their business, as well as a point-person to reach out to for a quick, personalized response. Companies can still use technology to run their business and marketing while relying on human interaction to foster their customer relationships. 

Staying high-touch in a high-tech world doesn't need to be complicated. It's about focusing on the needs of the customer and delivering on them through a personalized approach. Companies can audit their business from social media to project management to find ways to blend both high-touch and high-tech for a satisfying customer journey.