How to Reward Hard-Working Employees

Posted: 3rd January 2017 08:32

There are always some employees that go the extra mile. These guys stay late without being asked, pitch in during a crisis, and never complain, even if someone else takes the credit for a job well done. Employees like this are loyal, hard-working, and worth their weight in gold. It’s only fair to reward their efforts, but a pay rise or cash bonus is not necessarily the right way to do it, as they may end up being taxed more. So how else can you reward your hard-working employees?
How much you spend on staff rewards probably depends on the size of the company. A fortune 500 company, for example, might be able to afford private yacht charters for their best and most loyal employees, whereas a basket of donuts is more on the cards for a mom and pop business. The good news is that it isn’t about the money, although most people would be thrilled to spend the day on a private yacht! No, what this exercise is all about is making a hard-working employee feel appreciated. The following ideas will do just that, and some of them are even free.

Extra Time Off

We all love a day off, especially when it’s unexpected. Give your best employees an extra day’s paid holiday, guilt free. Let them take their free day whenever they life, no questions asked.

Pizza Party

Everyone loves pizza, so if you want to reward your sales team or you just feel like being nice, order in a ton of pizza on a Friday afternoon and let everyone tuck in at an impromptu pizza party. Just be sure to say a few words, so your team knows how much you appreciate their efforts.

Wall of Fame

A spot of public appreciation always goes down well and it can help to motivate others. Have a special corner of the office where the best employees are rewarded for their hard work and loyalty with their photo and short inspirational message on the wall. Some will find it a bit embarrassing, but they will appreciate the gesture nevertheless.

Parking Privileges

Reward hard-working employees with a guest spot in the best parking area, i.e. right next to the door. To avoid causing issues, swap your space with whomever wins the privilege, so for a day, or a week, you get to park miles away while your employee enjoys a temporary reward.

Movie Tickets

Reward an employee with free movie tickets to the nearest multiplex. He can take a date or his family.

Family Day

Family days are a great idea. Show your appreciation to your employees and their supportive families by throwing a family day with food, drink, entertainment and laughter. It will be a fantastic bonding exercise and a good way to get to know your employees a bit better.

Company Newsletter Mention

Give your best employees a shout out in the company newsletter. That way the entire company knows how highly they are rated.
Whatever you do, the most important thing is to show your best employees respect. A kind word of thanks is worth a thousand gifts.