How to Save Your Small Business from Failure

Posted: 27th July 2017 10:54

There’s always a lot of talk about success in business and what it takes to make it, but the reality that sometimes businesses fail doesn’t get mentioned as much. It is a scary thought, but about half of all new businesses don’t make it through the first year.

When things start to go bad, it’s tempting to abandon the whole thing and try to move on, but there are things that could be done to save the failing business. They aren’t always easy, but you should give it a try.

Losing customers

This is the most common problem with small businesses. Competition is hard in every industry and it’s only a matter of time when someone will swoop in and start taking your customers. This problem needs to be tackled head on, using all the information about the customers you could gather.

A vigorous remarketing effort could bring back as much as 50 percent of the customers you’ve lost. The best way to do this is to address the reasons that have made them leave in the first place. It takes just one good offer to make the customers reconsider your business.

Management issues

Management issues take a long time to manifest, but when they do, things can spiral out of control and the business could fail pretty fast. There are a lot of ways management could fail – sometimes the issue is too much delegating and sometimes too little of it. Most of the time, the problems arise because the management and the employees have a different idea of what the company should be.

When this happens, the best thing to do is to roll up your sleeves and get involved. The CEOs should take charge and start addressing problems on the ground themselves. That’s the only way to get to the bottom of the problem when it gets too complicated.

Money problems

Insufficient cash could put you right out of business and when this happens, it seems like the problem is unsolvable. The smartest thing to do is to plan for such an event, but even with all the planning, sometimes you just can’t avoid it.

If cash flow is the problem and you have a way of getting things back on track – small business loans can help you out in a pinch. However, have in mind that this represents a long-term commitment and that you’ll have to pay that money back.

Image problems

There are two types of image problems that could sink a business. The first comes when your business is associated with some sort of failure or a mistake. The other happens because your business isn’t visible and distinguishable enough.

The first one is easier to solve, even if you need to redirect your entire campaign and invent a new identity for the company. The second problem is much harder to solve and you’ll need to talk to the customers as much as you can and get to the bottom of the problem your audience has with the brand.

Skills and technology

In the end, a business could fail because it’s lagging behind in terms of technology and skills. This is a long-term problem and it takes a while to manifest itself.

Luckily, with outsourcing, you could find employees from all over the world that match your needs and have the skills that could bring the company back. Technology requires investments, but if you have a business plan and are confident in your abilities, the financiers could be both traditional banks and individual investors.
The signs that the business is failing should be taken seriously, but they don’t mean the end of the company. Take the issues seriously and be prepared to make changes and the results will show.