How To: Some Basics for Your Business

Posted: 21st October 2019 14:06

Starting and running your own business is full of excitement, challenges, rewards and opportunities to explore your creativity, grit, determination and fortitude. While there are a lot of very complicated activities that come with running a business, especially if you’re performing specialized services, there are some basics that are quite a bit daunting to some. Let’s take a look into a few of these business basics:
  1. How to create a website: While this can be outsourced to experts, there are also a lot of providers that can guide you through doing it yourself. If you have a template in mind, with colors and your messaging, it’s as easy as taking a few hours to put it all together. The basic and most common websites contain a few pages: services or products, a blog page, about section and contact information. It’s fancier than a business card, and provides visitors the necessary information to know what you’re offering, how to get in contact with you or someone from your office, and how to book or purchase your services or products. Purchasing a domain is often the first step, then going through the first draft of your design on your site, and off you go! Share it with the world, and often.
  2. How to get a PO box. Setting up basic and essential infrastructure such as your business license, business structure and bank accounts are some of the first things anyone needs to do. Even more importantly, where does all that mail go? The cost for another mailing address aside from your house, if you’re running a home based business, is minimal in comparison to what it provides to you: organization. For some types of businesses, it can cause safety concerns to have a home address as the main contact, so getting a PO box can mitigate those risks. Getting a PO box is as easy as choosing the location best suited for you, filling out an application and paying the fee. After that, checking your PO box regularly for incoming mail is easy and can be done daily or as infrequently as you’d like.
  3. How to choose a business name. Many people that grow up dreaming of being a business owner often have a name pre-selected for years before it comes to fruition. Sometimes it’s clear and simple, and showcases your industry or specialty. Other times, business names are vague and indiscreet. There’s no right or wrong answer, only a legal and untaken one. If your ideas are taken when you register with your state, you can usually land on a variable of your original idea. Some people use their initials and add a name like industries or corporation or technologies or consulting to the end for stability and structure and officiality. Lean into your creativity here and explore what looks and feels right for your business! 
There are many books, websites, videos and classes on how to run a business, and all of the underlying requirements of what goes into it. It’s not easy, but it’s also been done millions of times by others, so rely on professionals that are more experienced than you are in most areas to get a peek into their knowledge and experience. It’s not rock science, but it’s also quite complex if you allow it to be! If you’re unsure on what you need, or how to go about it, do some research and ask around to learn from others, and like other things in life, the best way to figure out how to do something is to just take the plunge into it!