How to Start a Restaurant Business

Posted: 4th July 2018 15:24

For lovers of food, there are few jobs that hold the same allure as operating your own restaurant. After all, who among us wouldn’t love to get paid money to indulge their passions? If this sounds like a pipedream for you, it’s time to rethink your attitude! With the right preparation, and healthy amount of determination, it’s possible for anyone with the appropriate skills to make a success of a restaurant venture.

Of course, no one is saying it’s going to be easy, it isn’t! Running a restaurant is hard work and isn’t the kind of venture that you should enter into lightly. The following tips will help you to ensure that your restaurant business gets off to the best start possible.

Define Your Target

Some restaurants will try to cater to everyone, covering as many tastes and palettes as possible. It’s easy to see the attraction of this approach, the more people you can sell to, the more money you can make. The problem with this approach is that it requires your chefs to be jacks-of-all-trades. It is possible to run a successful restaurant with a diverse menu, but this is like running before you can walk.

While you might have plans to diversify later, during the earliest stages of your restauranteur career you should focus on delivering a single cuisine, and delivering it well. Once you have established yourself as producing one cuisine very well, you will then be able to afford a chef who is proficient in the other cuisines you want to try. At the very least, it will give your current chef plenty of time to perfect their current cuisine, and to learn the ropes of a new one.

Research the Area

Make sure that you take the time to thoroughly investigate and research the area you are planning to open your restaurant in. When you are working out what dishes you want to serve in your restaurant, what decor you are going to choose, and how it is going to advertise itself to locals, all these considerations will be influenced by the local area around your restaurant.

If you open a restaurant whose overall aesthetic, or the food they serve, is seriously out of sync with the local area, you will have a much harder time drumming up business and loyal customers. On the other hand, if you have done your homework, you will already have a good idea of what kind of businesses the locals favour, how those businesses have successfully marketed themselves and, most importantly, what features the locals look for in local businesses.

Be Independent

Unless you are franchising, or taking over control of an existing establishment, you will be establishing a business from scratch. You should take full advantage of the lack of any corporate pressures from up high and run the kind of restaurant you have always dreamed of. Remember, you have full control over your own destiny, and the destiny of your establishment. You will often find that, away from busy city centres, most people prefer to eat at local restaurants and cafes.

Ensure a Smooth Opening

A fumbled opening night can end up negatively impacting people’s view of your establishment in an irreversible way. Your launch night is an extremely important night, so you need to make sure it goes off without a hitch. One of the most common causes of opening night troubles is a lack of staffing. It might be hard to attract any staff when you have only just opened your doors.

This is where groups like Staff Heroes prove invaluable. By signing up with Staff Heroes, when people in London are trying to find the latest chef de partie jobs here, they look to Staff Heroes. By registering your business with them in anticipation of your opening, you can have some temp staff on standby in case you cannot hire in time.
Many people with a love for food would love to open their own restaurant, but this is clearly easier said than done. However, with the right preparation and determination, you too could be living that dream for yourself.