How to Start Your Own Medical Practice - 6 Easy Steps

Posted: 7th August 2018 09:24

Here we are taking a general overview about setting up your own medical practice when you want to offer non-surgical treatments such as chemical peels, laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair or tattoo removal and more. In fact, if you were thinking of starting off on your own, you could start off by offering just one treatment, and then slowly build up your practice by employing other specialist aesthetics staff to offer more treatments to help build up your client base.
For example, wrinkle treatment with Juvea is a very popular non-surgical treatment that we see many people wanting to have. We offer Anti Wrinkle Injections from our London Clinic that help to reduce deep lines and fine wrinkles on the face.
BOTOX® (Botulinum Toxin) is the preferred cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatment of aesthetics professionals and the most popular wrinkle treatment with Juvea, so this would be a great treatment to offer to kick-start your own medical practice with. But as long as you have some in-depth aesthetics training, you can start your practice with just about any treatment you like.
Here are six steps you should get in place that will enable you to launch your own successful medical practice:
1: Obtain appropriate training and qualifications
To become a successful aesthetics practitioner and launch your own medical practice you will need to have the appropriate skills and qualifications to deliver the services your clients will want.
2: Get some useful experience
It can help you greatly to get some real-world experience behind you before launching your own practice. This can be done by spending time working as a therapist in an established clinic and working on patients. You can get to see behind the scenes and learn the nitty-gritty about running a successful clinic or medical practice.
3: Decide on your speciality
Depending on what sort of practice you want to build, you may only want to offer non-surgical treatments rather than surgical procedures. Decide on this early so that you can plan well ahead of time and research what you will need to have in place to run your practice.
4: Take a business course
No matter if you plan to spend your days treating your clients one-to-one, you will still need to understand that your medical practice is a business at the end of the day and will to know how to run it properly to make it successful.
5: Write up a business plan
Once you have decided on the type of medical practice you want to open, you will need to get a solid business plan written up. This will help you define your business and plan out your steps to success and how you are going to achieve them. A good business plan is also essential if you want to secure finances from a bank or other lender to get your practice off the ground.
6: Look for a suitable premises
Depending on whether you are starting up on your own or with a full compliment of staff on-board, your premises will need to be suitable for the treatments you will offer. This may involve having large and airy rooms that allow free movement of your therapists around a treatment couch, or a place in a prominent place on a busy town centre street for high visibility and a good passing trade.
There are obviously many more things you need to put in place before you launch your medical practice, but these are six of the key points you will need to have in place to make your dream become a success.