How to Take your Business Travel to the Next Level

Posted: 11th October 2016 08:08

When it comes to impressing clients, arriving in style is key for any serious business. The best way to be sure that you’re outshining the rest is by taking your business travel to the next level by following these key tips:

Prioritise Speed
Business travel is often time spent away from directly developing your business so some modes of transport can make it feel like a bit of a waste of your time. Driving to a business meeting can mean spending hours of your day behind the wheel on the motorway instead of at your laptop focusing on new ideas. The fastest ways you can get there is the best so whether that’s by train, bus, car or plane. When it comes to organising the travel arrangements of your potential clients or investors, be sure to make it as convenient and pleasant as possible. Arrange for a car to pick them up from their destination right to the door of your meeting.

One of the best ways to really impress potential clients is by spending more time with them. Spending more on luxurious methods of business travel, such as using private jetsngives you an opportunity to spend time with potential clients and investors whilst in the air, rather than wasting that all important travelling time. Travelling by private jet is the perfect way to take your business travel to the next level with some super luxury planes available that are sure to wow potential customers.

Choose Creative Venues
When it comes to arranging where you’re going to hold your business meetings, pick creative venues which inspire people to talk with one another. This will make your business travel experience much more interesting and enjoyable for both you and your clients. Look for spaces which have been designed specifically to improve creativity and boost business interaction. There are several hotels and function rooms dedicated to this with facilities designed to inspire and connect.

Stay Connected
Every business traveller knows the pain of being in an area with a poor internet connection. From not being able to reply to emails, to having limited web access, this is by far one of the most frustrating parts of business travel. A great way to completely avoid this is by always arranging meetings and travel in areas with Wi-Fi so you can all be connected throughout the whole travelling process.