How You Can Be Prepared For Your Next Financial Emergency

Posted: 10th May 2017 08:56

What does your financial emergency look like? For some people, it’s an unavoidable trip to the walk-in clinic and the following prescription meds they must buy; for others, it’s a series of bills sharing the same due date; or it could be the sudden realization that you have not one but five birthdays to attend in the next week and payday is too far away.

What constitutes as an emergency is different for everyone. How people across America handle covering their own financial crises will differ, too — with varying degrees of success. The Federal Reserve conducted a survey back in 2014 that revealed over half of those polled wouldn’t be able to cover an emergency of $400 or more on their own. Many of those surveyed say they’d sell furniture in order to cover it.

There’s a better way than clearing out your home of appliances and couches. Take a look at this list to make sure you’re prepared for your next financial emergency, even if your wallet isn’t.
Do any of these suggestions sound better than selling off your couch and coffee table? We hope so. By mixing and matching these methods, you’ll find a unique way to find the money you need. See what works for you and be prepared the next time you face your very own financial emergency.