Identifying Laminated Things in the Office

Posted: 12th September 2019 14:54

Understanding Lamination

We can understand the process of lamination through the use of an analogy. Just as condensation, air, and temperature are joined to make snow, so several different materials are joined together as one to make a laminate. The materials are no longer themselves, but they are joined into a new substance called the laminate material. The process of lamination is applied to all kinds of office things. Most of us have experienced laminates in our own life. It could have been a birthday or major league baseball card that had undergone the process of lamination or the chart of an eye exam at the doctor's office hanging on the wall. Lamination does several things to the combined materials. The materials can no longer be separated by force without destroying the entire laminate.

The Desk and Chairs

Looking around the office, we can count the number of laminated things we have been using every day. The desk and chairs that you have been using all these years are products of the lamination process, and the result is a much stronger material that is stain proof, durable, and cheaper to make because of the lamination process. Before heading into laminating in the office, make sure you find the best lamination film for your office use.

The Chair Mat

The mat lying beneath your feet on which your chair sits is a laminated material. The cherry wood look is a layered material which has been combined with a sturdy laminate to endure that the chair can rollover the mat without it moving the mat protector. The content is so durable that it comes with a 10-year guarantee of endurability and quality. The mat can withstand well over 300 pounds of pressure and maintain its original quality while causing no harm to the carpet. Lamination truly makes materials more endurable and resilient to heavy usage.

Frameless Pictures on the wall

The frameless pictures on the wall have been laminated to weather any temperature that the office may have to endure throughout the year. The laminate added to the frameless pictures will retain the original colors of the images for years on end. Whether it is 80 or 40, the colors in the picture will remain the same.

The Office Floors

The office floors are a material that has been made from the laminating process. The elements that make up the flooring are no longer the individual strata form which they are made but have been compressed to form the one flooring. The mahogany look and the plyboards have been synthetically joined with the laminate that binds them together.

A List of Things to Be Laminated

Here is a short list of other things that the regular business can laminate to keep the materials from wear and tear as well as coat them with a waterproof laminate coating.

Things to be laminated in an office are advertisements, business cards, charts, brochures that are used often, catalog covers, certifications that are handing on the wall, maps to your favorite destinations, employee ID badges, safety documents, and door signs.

The Boss's Office

If we go into the boss's office, we can see even more things that can be laminated. These things could be his diploma from his alma mater and the certificate he received from the BBB last year hanging on the wall behind his desk on the nice mahogany floor.

The Office Lounge

In the office lounge, there are at least three laminates on the walls and doors: the reminder to not leave food in the refrigerator for more than a week or it will get tossed. The sign at the door for the last person leaving to turn the lights off. Lastly, the laminate card above the entrance door to the lounge that says, "Go Blues."

Useful and Easy to Apply

Laminating machines are easy to use. The price of laminating has come down considerably from the times it was first invented. Whatever you use laminating for, it gives a shiny coating which is suitable for aesthetic purposes, but more importantly, lamination adds strength to the material that undergoes the laminate process. Lastly, the laminating process adds the length of days to that which is laminated and postpones its degenerations. Extending the shelf life of an office product is one of the reasons why lamination is so prevalent in the office. It reduces the number of copies that have to be re-printed.

Widespread Use

Lamination goes well in offices, schools, universities, personal use, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, warehouses and even in government buildings. Almost any kind of material can be laminated and reap the benefits of its glossy texture and extended shelf life.