Improving Business Communications: Tips for Executives

Posted: 26th September 2017 10:10

President Trump isn’t known for his structured speeches, but his last speech at the UN showed that even an unpredictable leader can deliver key messages effectively when the art (and science) of communication is taken seriously. Many business executives are starting to take communication skills more seriously because it allows them to be more effective as well.

Communication is a skill you can develop. Some executives even go as far as taking an online master of communication management degree as a way to boost their communication skills to new heights. If you want to get started yourself, here are the tips to follow.

Be Present

Forget about your busy schedules and the next meeting you have for a second. The key to effective communication is the present. You have to be in the room, paying attention to the things around you and taking information in from various sources. Only then can you communicate effectively.

A business meeting with a client is a good example. The moment you start getting distracted is the moment you lose track of the conversation. It would be much more difficult to convey the right messages if you don’t pay attention to the way the client reacts to you in real time.

Communication is as much about speaking as it is about listening and understanding. To be an effective communicator, you need to learn how to eliminate distractions and be present.

Rely on Data

In a business environment, the best arguments are those backed by data. Data-driven solutions are as commonly used in communications as they are in other parts of the business. In fact, top communication programs at universities such as the University of Southern California are now teaching students how to take advantage of big data and advanced data analysis to improve communications.

A simple example is the need for a better understanding of the audience. You can’t expect to communicate with employees the same way you speak to top executives, business owners, or potential clients. You have to have the right information about the audience in order to fine-tune the way you communicate.

Tell the Truth

The best leaders don’t lie. I know this isn’t a lesson we can learn from President Trump, but it is a key ingredient of great communications nonetheless. You already have so much information to process; the last thing you need is incorrect data in your speeches or other forms of communications.

Being truthful is also a way to convey respect to the person (or people) you communicate with. Even when communicating failure, telling the truth is the best and fastest way to get the message across so that you can focus more on developing a solution together. It is a way to save time and money in the toughest situation.
Good communication skills are a must-have if you want to be a great leader. These tips, along with an online MCM degree, will help you get started with improving the way you communicate with partners and clients. It is the first step towards making yourself the leader you can actually be and realizing your potential.