Innoptim Group Wins Most Innovative in Hospitality Technology

Posted: 9th February 2023 09:45

Winners in the Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022

Based in Lausanne, Innoptim Group develops mobile and web applications designed to revolutionise a number of industries, including hospitality, tourism, food and nutrition, 3D printing, social media, and real estate. Designed to be user-friendly and affordable, the company’s range of software is taking on the monopolistic corporations that lead the world, enabling users to finally have a breadth of choices to consider. Whilst the Innoptim Group is active in a number of fields, it has registered trademarks with two of its successful brands, Futuraurant and Reservaurant, which are optimising the hospitality industries.
Futuraurant is a Point-of-Sale software and an innovative all-encompassing restaurant management platform. This is due to the unique algorithm that optimises the filling of the dining room in real time, interconnecting all of the restaurant’s on-site devices alongside their website and mobile application. Its ability to create an optimal seating arrangement as customer’s arrive, and manage the process saves considerable time and money for the business. Hospitality companies who are moving towards digitalisation for processes such as table bookings now have a solution that genuinely meets their needs, helping them make the move to an electronic method from the traditional paper-based system. Alongside reservation management, the software’s abilities cover orders, payments, billing and accounting, stock, and logistics.
The judging panel was particularly impressed by the eclectic range of applications that the Innoptim Group develops, and the versatility of its software. In the case of its Futuraurant and Reservaurant, they are not limited to usage in restaurants, but can optimise a number of hospitality areas, including hotels, bars, festival, and nightclubs. The iOS and Android application Reservaurant is designed to improve the customer experience, enabling them to find vacant seating at linked venues within three seconds and lessening to the need to phone, email, and text the establishments instead. The 2RISM platform is also part of its collection, comprising an interactive and interconnected 3D map to support local tourism. It enables operators to promote local activities and as a result, visitors to plan their trips in a revolutionary way.
Designed to be user-friendly and affordable, Innoptim’s range of software is taking on the monopolistic corporations that lead the world.