Investments worth considering in 2019

Posted: 5th March 2019 16:37

This year many of us are looking for the latest offers such as the Caesars casino mobile app 2019, or different options to invest in. Obviously no investment is guaranteed but there are many options available at present.
Stock Market
It is believed the S&P 500 will have lost its 2018 gains by the end of the year, and this could result in a negative spiral. This means many people moving into investment may be put off from the stock market. However if this is a long term investment for when you retire for example, this is still a positive and lucrative option. A very safe method is to invest in globally diversified, low-cost index funds.
Real Estate
Still a very popular means of investment is in real estate. Most properties continue to be on the rise, as overall cost in most things increases. This means that it is going to be a positive investment in most cases. Another option is buying real estate investment trusts, or REITs. These then allow you to take advantage of the upsides in the real estate market, without the issues of being a landlord.
Peer to Peer lending
Another new option of investment is through peer to peer lending. This is similar to how loaning money from banks works, in which you will receive the interest that they pay in. Platforms such as lending club offer this service. This is an option for those looking to invest with both a small amount of money, and those looking to do it with a lot more.
Second job
A simple way of investment to gain more money is to either get a second job or figure out a way of making money in other means. There are many options available such as if you are good at writing, you could look at getting some freelance writing work. Or you could look at Uber driving, or a delivery driver for example. There are always options available if you are willing to do the work.
Not a financial investment but an investment that is of more importance than anything else is your health. This means exercising regularly to keep fit and in shape. Also eating healthy food, rather than going down the option of fast food regularly. There are so many apps, classes and ways to get help in reaching your fitness goals. Therefore there has never been a better time to look to get involved in 2019.