iPhone Accessories for Enhanced Productivity

Posted: 26th October 2017 13:00

Out of the box, the iPhone is a fantastic device that is ready to be used in all types of situations. It has a great camera, a fast processor, a high-quality screen, and industry-leading security. It is possible to use the iPhone for all manner of tasks without adding a single feature to it.

But these devices were not meant to stand alone. An ecosystem is all about adding other products and services to the mix to get the perfect tool for your needs. With add-ons, you can be more productive. Productivity means different things to different people. To get the most from the iPhone, a musician will have different needs than a photographer. 

If you are more the business type, here are some of the add-ons that will make the iPhone more productive for you:

A Protective Case

If your iPhone is an integral part of your workflow, you can’t afford to be without it. Your iPhone is your active contact list, your meeting notes, your presentation slides, and if you fly Delta, your boarding pass. But if you drop your brand new iPhone X without one of those iPhone X cases to protect all that expensive glass on both sides, the device also becomes your excuse for why you didn’t get it done.

A broken iPhone is a destroyer of productivity. Even if it keeps working after the glass is shattered, it becomes quite dangerous to use. Plus, there is the lost productivity resulting from having to schedule a Genius appointment for a costly repair. The glass back costs more to replace than the front screen.

A case also helps to distinguish your iPhone from all the others on the table. If you are a frequent flyer, the right case helps cut down confusion on the other side of the security scanner. All those smartphones, tablets, and laptops look an awful lot alike when you are in a hurry. Productivity starts with a well differentiated and fully functioning iPhone. A good case should be your first aftermarket purchase.

Productive Apps

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella used an iPhone to demo their software at a major event. He said he likes to think of it as the iPhone Pro since it was loaded with Microsoft’s productivity suite. If you are more of a Google Docs person, you will need an entirely different suite of apps for productivity. Just bear in mind that all of these suites are leased rather than purchased. So don’t forget to go through the legal checklist for apps you are licensing.
There are also hardware accessories that can accompany those productivity apps. If you do a lot of presentations, it might be helpful to carry your own smartphone projector. You will also want an assortment of dongles to be sure you can connect to any projector. If you want to get some serious writing done on your iPhone, you will want to carry a foldable or miniature keyboard. With the right accessories, your iPhone can replace a laptop, at least for a day.


Nevermind what you think Steve Jobs said over a decade ago. The iPhone needs a stylus. You should definitely carry a good one in your bag. Business people need to be able to jot quick notes and sign things while standing. Marking up documents is also part of the job. It is silly to write with one’s finger when better tools are readily available.

There are pressure sensitive styluses that work well with the iPhone. And there are simple and cheap jotters for about $5. So there is no reason to be without one. In some professions such as journalism, a notebook is not just a luxury. It’s a necessity. Paper notebooks have some advantages such as the ability to rip out pages. But digital notebooks also have advantages such as having an endless supply of paper that, depending on the app, is searchable.

The list of productive add-ons goes well beyond protective cases, productive apps, and styluses. But those should definitely be the top three add-ons for anyone using their iPhone for business.