Is The Beauty Industry Turning To Less-Invasive Procedures?

Posted: 9th October 2017 10:45

Whilst surgical treatments promise outstanding results, not everyone wants to go under the knife in order to make a change to their appearance. Therefore, there has been a massive rise in less-invasive cosmetic procedures recently, and we are sure that celebrity influencers such as Kylie Jenner have something to do with it. Considering non-surgical procedures require much less recovery, they often prove more favourable amongst the public. After all, with the best dermal fillers London has to offer as well as the procedure of mesotherapy being introduced to many clinics, there are many reasons why the beauty industry is starting to lean towards less-invasive procedures.

Thanks to the publicity that it’s had in the media, the levels of Botox procedures is still on the rise, and considering the amounts of benefits it has, it really isn’t surprising as to why. With only a few injections, you can alter so many features on your face, including the positioning of your brows, your skin’s complexion and the sagginess of your eyes. The science behind Botox isn’t even complex either, as the injections act as a shield between your brain and the muscle that the pathways are connected to. Therefore, when your brain is telling a muscle to move, the muscle will just stay still instead.

A perfect, dewy complexion is really in fashion right now, and if you want to achieve the fresh faced look, you don’t need to have any severe surgery at all. The beauty industry is now turning to mesotherapy, which involves injections that contain vitamins, amino acids and medications. These are placed only millimetres under the skin, and their purpose is to hydrate the tissue to soften surface lines, thus presenting you with gorgeous glowing skin. It’s important to consider that this less-invasive treatment isn’t aimed at changing your entire appearance, but instead focuses on enhancing your best facial features. Scars and imperfections won’t disappear, but instead your skin will appear hydrated and brighter than before.

Microwaves for Underarm Perspiration
One of the benefits of Botox is to reduce the amount of sweat that an individual produces, however with a miraDry treatment, excessive sweating can be treated in an even less-invasive way. It is all completed with microwaves, and this works by delivering electromagnetic energy or microwaves to where the sweat glands are situated in your underarm area. With this procedure, your sweat glands will be eliminated due to the excessive heat that they are receiving. The treatment over all will last for an hour, however once the treatment is completed, you will need approximately 10 days to recover.

This type of procedure was initially used to relieve pain in athletes and to also speed up the amount of time it took someone to recover. However, the beauty industry is now interested in other effects that this therapy has, as a benefit associated with cryotherapy is weight loss, and it can also treat conditions such as eczema. The procedure itself is very easy, and consists of the individual standing in a cold tank for about 2-4 minutes, with temperatures dropping to -90oc. This sounds unbearable, but because these sub-zero temperatures are artificial and created through electrical technology, it is completely manageable. Throughout the procedure, blood vessels are eliminated and collagen synthesis is stimulated, reducing inflammation and cellular levels. All of this together with finally result in weight loss as your body burns energy.