IT Outsourcing Companies: Find Your Best Partner

Posted: 21st December 2020 08:30

IT Outsourcing is the biggest subsegment in the global IT Services market. The IT Services market is expected to reach US$1.2trn in 2025, with IT Outsourcing as the largest segment.

As you may know, demand generates supply: more and more companies are outsourcing their IT tasks. And this is warranted:
But how to be sure that this goes beyond words? How to find the right outsourcing partner, as all of these companies offer top-notch technologies to stay ahead of their ever-evolving competitors. 
The Power of Company Reviews

Many outsourcing companies share customer reviews and portfolios on their official websites like Light IT does. You can consult independent third-party sources. For example, you can monitor industry ratings and reviews on Clutch or Glassdoor, Github, and check who are the partners of your potential suppliers. It will help you to acquire a complete picture of the situation and make the right decision.

The above platforms and the like continuously take care of the credibility of their ratings and reviews. Clutch, for example, asks to verify the identity through the LinkedIn account of all users who create company profiles or provide reviews. Clients with projects under $25,000 can fill out the form on the site and leave a review. If the project is worth more than $25,000, a Clutch specialist will reach out to the client and do the phone interview. Clutch only provides confirmed and verified reviews that you can genuinely trust.

Check Company Partnerships

In the software development industry, strategic partnerships and collaborations with other organizations can play a vital role in business and provide an opportunity to try out new tools and technologies, enter a new market, improve product quality, outperform the competition, and increase customer loyalty. This is why it is so important to know if your potential supplier has reliable and profitable partners.

Recommendations do work

Consult and ask other people on your network for recommendations for software development specialists. Not only will this speed up the process of selecting potential software developers, but it will also help you get honest feedback and reach a better understanding of the outsourcer.

Clarify The Delivery Time

When picking a custom software development company, check their track record of on-time delivery. It will allow you and your team to test the software and report bugs (if any) on time. Moreover, your software engineers can train themselves to make better use of the application. 

Tip: Discuss all the milestones, deliverables, and the application deadline in the initial negotiation phase. Set the timeframe estimating the required time for debugging and training. 

Honest attitude to the client

Evaluate whether the outsourcing company is ready to adjust its standard solutions in accordance with your needs. Do they use in their work the principles of ITSM - an approach to the management and organization of information technology services, designed to meet the business needs of the client. Try to understand whether you can find a common language and how responsibly the outsourcer is ready to approach his task. Aren't they imposing unnecessary services or trying to "show off," claiming that they will immediately fix and make your "badly working" system work efficiently.

Security and Safety issues Matter

Do not let unanswered questions like: 

Does the software application contain sensitive data such as classified information, business service information, etc.?

What are the risks if the software does not work correctly?

To ensure the security of the information system and minimize risks when transferring it to outsourcing, it is essential to prepare the information system for outsourcing, assess the level of information security in the process and after outsourcing, and in case of a decrease in the security level, carrying out work to restore the level of information security.

Define After-Development Support

Discuss the procedures of after-development support services with the software development outsourcing company. Ensure that they commit (in writing) to provide software customization, software maintenance, and software backup services. 

Some malfunctions (bugs) can occur after the product launch. If any problems are suddenly revealed, then fixes must be released.


There is an opinion that IT outsourcing is needed when the company exceeds ten people from their staff. In different periods of development of the organization, the outsourcer, in addition to the main tasks, performs various functions to support the business. Choosing an outsourcing approach does provide opportunities for catapulting a product or service into a powerful market share, allowing massive growth and new financial opportunities. For companies that consider such an approach, there are many tools and resources to help navigate the murky waters of outsourcing.
The era of outsourcing continues to be up-and-coming, and it will remain one of the most valuable opportunities a company can pursue for decades to come. Why is outsourcing so important? In simple terms: this is where all the experts are – outside the organization. Organizations prefer to attract experts from outside: they will do their best as they have the flexibility and the ability to choose their lifestyle, office, and work style.