It’s all in the Jeans: Google and Levi’s Partner up in the Name of Fashion

Posted: 15th June 2015 12:46

With all portents and a recent job posting suggesting that the launch of Google Glass 2.0 may not be too far away, we may be about to experience the next great breakthrough in the wearable technology market. This is one of the most eagerly anticipated developments on the market, primarily because Google has solicited the help of prominent fashion designers to create a more aesthetically pleasing (as well as functional) product. The fusion of technology and high-fashion is something of a central trend in the wearable tech industry, with a number of collaborations impacting on the market.

One of the most interesting collaborations once again involves Google and iconic fashion brand Levi’s. These two companies have partnered to create the world’s first pair of smart jeans, which will feature ‘digital denim’ and a revolutionary new fusion of fabric with conductive material. This would represent another forward step in the development of fashionable and aesthetically pleasing wearable technology garments, while also driving the rising trend for lucrative collaborations between tech firms and experts in other sectors.

While the companies have yet to confirm the capabilities of these jeans, it is fair to surmise that wearers will be unable to watch television or play roulette online with them. In fact, the nature of the collaboration lends itself to simple technology-based functions, such as sending SMS or email messages. Theoretically, this action could be completed simply by swiping an area of the interwoven fabric, creating a seamless and responsive way of interacting with technology and those around us.

This collaboration is one of many Google have planned, with the launch of Glass 2.0 leading the charge. In fact, the partnership with Levi’s is the first commercial application of the brand’s Project Jacquard, which was first unveiled at its I/O 2015 Developers Conference. Another collaboration that grabbed the attention was Project Soli, which revolves a small radar that is capable of tracking movements with hands.

When you consider these developments and the proposed changes to the Android operating system, it is clear that Google has a bright and potentially dominant future. In terms of the Levi’s smart jeans, these are expected to hit the shops in 2016 and may well trigger a wave of similarly innovative and coveted products.