Keeping on Top of Modern Marketing Techniques

Posted: 3rd March 2017 13:35

Marketing is not a new concept, as tempting as it is to think that in the digital age. As long as humankind has exchanged goods and services, the necessity to consider how to market those goods has existed.

Nevertheless, the 21st century has accelerated the development of marketing techniques to the point where it can be difficult to keep track, let alone keep up. Digital marketing itself is subject to fast-paced change, so here we will deal with some of the cutting edge approaches that your brand can take advantage of. With the following methodologies, you can ensure your marketing strategy is effective and relevant in the modern market.

Mobile Marketing

A solid mobile marketing strategy is paramount for capturing the attention of modern consumers, such is the ubiquity of smartphones in day-to-day life. This starts with practical concerns such as ensuring all your adverts, your website, and all promotional materials are optimised for mobile devices. For instance, you can target specific devices based on conversion rate statistics for particular operating systems and models.

Additionally, developing your own app and/or embracing location services can be extremely effective, especially for uniting in-store and digital shopping experiences. Allowing customers to check stock, product descriptions, and reviews on your app as they browse the aisles is an exciting prospect; incorporating augmented reality into that experience is even more so. The key is to reflect and embrace your target audience’s increasingly mobile lifestyle.

Influencer Marketing

The general concept of influencer marketing ought to be familiar in the sense that celebrity endorsement has been a popular marketing strategy for brands. While movie stars and other mainstream celebrities continue to be attractive figureheads for brands, the consumer landscape is shifting somewhat. This is underpinned by the attitudes of millennials – now the most populous generation in the USA – who have grown more sceptical of traditional television advertisements, product placement, and other more typical forms of celebrity endorsements.

Increasingly, consumers look to social media stars or influencers for guidance on what to purchase, many of whom have a broad reach and are considered opinion leaders. Collaborating with them has become known as influencer marketing, which can yield positive results. In addition to its word-of-mouth style, which fosters a higher level of trust, this method enables you to target very specific demographics. However, resist the temptation to run your campaigns in an overtly promotional fashion, as this negates the reason for pursuing influencer marketing in the first place – subtlety is key.

Social Media

Using social media as part of an up-to-date marketing strategy isn’t so much about using it per se – you should already be doing so – but how you use it. The social media marketing environment has changed considerably from when Facebook first became public, for example. Brands have to work harder to even reach the news feeds of followers, let alone capture their attention and interest.

To please Facebook’s latest algorithms and encourage engagement from users, you will need to publish much more inventive content than simple promotions. There are several ways of approaching this, but one of the biggest currently is video content, particularly streaming on Facebook or Periscope. There’s great room for promotional and brand building activity here – from live corporate event coverage, to product demonstrations and instructional content.

Above all, don’t forget that social media is about interaction, so take care to engage with your followers if you expect them to do the same. Being available around the clock on messaging apps is a great way to achieve this.