Large Corporations Are Beginning to See the Benefits of Coworking

Posted: 10th May 2016 08:29

Coworking is a novel concept in many parts of the world, but it’s one that has tremendous relevance in certain segments of the business world. For those who are unfamiliar, coworking is the use of shared office or business space by diverse, and unrelated, entities. In a single office building or other facility, you might have independent workers, freelancers, small businesses, and business people who need a familiar space to work while traveling. Long used by people and organizations that fell outside of traditional business types, large corporations are starting to use coworking spaces in certain situations, and the decision is proving its value in some unexpected ways.
In certain situations, coworking spaces can serve corporate entities that are looking to enhance their productivity in unconventional ways. Workplace independence has been an increasingly common benefit offered to employees in America. It’s one way of contending with the ongoing talent shortage that many industries are dealing with. In most cases, there are too many jobs for too few qualified workers, at least within the population seeking jobs. Many professionals have left the corporate workplace to do their own thing. Those who remain command a premium for their specialized abilities. Not content to work 40-60 hours a week in a centralized workspace, many of these employees are given the option to work in locations of their own choosing.
Since people don’t always work well from home, distracted by the comforts and trappings that make the house a great place to relax, but not a great place to punch the clock, coworking spaces are proving to be a great alternative. They help people work for many reasons. Outfitted just like a normal corporate office building, these facilities often have services tailor made for the corporate worker. Workers will also be surrounded by other people working. Working in a place where work is being performed, regardless of whether or not those who share the space are involved in the same companies or not, has a way of increasing productivity among all parties. It’s when employees work in facilities that no one else is working, like home or a coffee shop, that productivity tends to drop.
Coworking spaces are also a great fit for the business traveler. Working professionals often have to maintain productivity on the road, sometimes in countries where they don’t speak the native language. Rather than trying to slog it out on a laptop in a hotel room with a lousy internet connection, coworking spaces which can now be found in nations all around the world are the obvious solution. Coworking spaces can also be a great meeting site for traveling business people, who have to meet groups overseas but want to have the appearance of the “home court advantage.”
Coworking spaces are a first-class workspace option outside of the traditional workplace setting. There are many reasons why a corporate body might want to seek out a new venue for daily operations, at least once in a while. By using these facilities to empower individuals, while maintaining high levels of productivity, coworking spaces are a great option for corporations as well as everyday working individuals.