Lockdown Is Easing; How To Prepare To ReOpen

Posted: 21st May 2020 10:00

As the effects of the coronavirus are starting to be brought under control, many countries around the world are looking to start easing their lockdown measures and give the economy a little kick start - but for many it has been up to three months since operating at full capacity, and others may have to wait a little while yet. There are those who have been successful during the downtime of many others - features that make them stand apart such as delivery services in some restaurants and they run ghost kitchens, esports for fans who have been unable to watch their favourite football game or racing even, or even non gamstop casinos for mobile gamers who have provided entertainment whilst the betting and casino industry has been on hold - but now it may be time for you to open your doors back to the general public whilst still adhering to health guidelines, so what’s the best way to handle this?
It’s time to communicate - Whether you’ve been actively engaging with your audience and customers during the down time or not, now may be the time to start again. Letting them know the rules for your business, what can be expected for availability and capacity for example, as well as any modifications to operating hours etc may be important, especially for your loyal customers. Be active through email and social media, create flyers or letters where required to put on your premises - opening again may already be available for you or just around the corner, it’s up to you as the business owner to ensure your customers are kept as safe as possible.

Remember your employees need to be protected too - Once you do reopen and bring your employees back, it’s important to understand that they will also be a little apprehensive at times given the current circumstances - there have been attacks on healthcare workers throughout the pandemic, but it is being increasingly reported that these attacks are happening to service workers in every sector. Making sure your employees are safe and comfortable when returning to work will do wonders in making sure the day to day runs as smoothly as possible, despite the current disruptions. As with above, as an employer it is also your responsibility to ensure the safety of all your employees too.

Err on the side of caution - There’s still a big risk that a second wave of infection will spread and lockdown measures will be reinstated, have a contingency plan for if you need to shut up shop once again but also be prepared to err on the side of caution where needed - especially as things currently are, staying on the safer side should be much more important that remaining opening for an extra few days, both your employees and your customers will be thankful despite any disruption that may come and playing it safe may make the difference between reopening again further down the line and perhaps remaining closed in a more permanent capacity.