Looking at strategies to keep your sole proprietorship out of the red

Posted: 27th June 2016 15:43

Sole proprietorships are the most basic form of a business organisation and are often subject to a lot of tax. It is important to keep your sole proprietorship out of the red, in order to remain successful. Even if the business is not profiting as much as originally planned, or is on track but is still gradually dipping into the red, then looking at versatile, short-term loans from the likes of Peachy Loans, is one of the ways to keep your sole proprietorship out of the red. As you are personally liable for all business debts as a sole proprietorship, there are many reasons why having certain strategies are important to ensure that the sole proprietorship is successful.

Having a solid business plan can help structure a sole proprietorship and describe the overall objectives, market challenges, various risks and opportunities of the business venture. Planning for the challenges and risks as well has having a projected financial status can help the sole proprietorship prepare making you less likely to keep your sole proprietorship out of the red.

One of the strategies that you can implement for your sole proprietorship in order to help keep it out of the red is to thoroughly evaluate the market place of the proposed business including the competition, demand, and the needs of the market. This will offer a competitive advantage for the sole proprietorship, particularly when getting on its feet. Looking at an operating structure and marketing strategy can also help to boost the planning stage of the sole proprietorship and can help you to assess the potential investment returns ensuring that you know when the proprietorship is likely to remain viable.

Tax can also be a huge drain on income and although you can’t avoid income tax, there are ways to legally reduce your tax burden as a sole proprietorship such as RRSP contributions, collecting receipts for business related endeavours can reduce taxable income, charitable income and more. As a sole proprietor you’ll have to take responsibility for withholding and paying all of the income tax which can cause some issues, particularly if you’re setting up a sole proprietorship for the first time.

As a sole proprietor, business growth needs to be thoroughly planned for and as a singular person, this can be a struggle as the options are often limited to either price or volume. However producing a growth strategy alongside a business plan can also help in order to gain clear actions and timescales. This can help you to plan out where any revenue will be coming from so you can focus on keeping your sole proprietor out of the red.
Marketing your business is also extremely important and can also be done on a budget, so as to protect your bottom line. Using social media, blogging, email marketing and press releases are all budget friendly ways to keep your sole proprietorship thriving, through attracting more customers therefore making it more likely to generate revenue.

All of these strategies are ways to keep your sole proprietorship out of the red, and are important in order to keep your sole proprietorship thriving. Business strategies, growth strategies, and marketing implementation are all ways to kick start a sole proprietorship that will continue to grow and be successful.