Manage Your Tasks In Style With MeisterTask For iOS And Apple Watch

Posted: 24th April 2015 14:59

Following the successful release of MeisterTask’s web app last month, the collaboration experts at MeisterLabs just released its mobile counterpart for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, which enables teams to manage tasks on the go with a real-time synchronization across all devices.

MeisterLabs, the company behind the popular mind mapping tool MindMeister, today released the highly anticipated iOS version of its new online task management platform, MeisterTask. Just like the online version, MeisterTask’s mobile app scores with a beautiful user interface design that makes task management not just intuitive, but enjoyable.

The mobile app for iPhone and iPad serves as a perfect companion or even alternative to the web app. “Basically, everything you can do in MeisterTask’s online version you can also do on your iPhone or iPad,” says MeisterLabs Managing Director, Till Vollmer. “Users can quickly set up projects, capture ideas, leave comments, add images, create new tasks, move them, edit them, complete them - everything is done within seconds.”

The app consists of three basic parts: One, the dashboard, which offers a personalized experience unique to every user; two, the Kanban-style project boards, which can be shared with an unlimited number of collaborators and ensure that everyone within the team is on the same page at all times; three, the task dialogs, which offer space for all task-relevant information from due dates to comments.

Already included in this first version of MeisterTask for iOS is the practical Apple Watch functionality. “Running MeisterTask on the Apple Watch isn’t just a passive experience,” explains Till Vollmer. “Through predefined messages and voice input, users can instantly reply to notifications and comment on tasks. Creating, assigning and completing tasks are all done with a few quick taps, so that users can truly stay on top of their to-dos without having to take out their iPhone at all.”

MeisterTask is an intuitive web-based collaboration tool that ups the standard in efficient – and even enjoyable – task management. Using MeisterTask, teams organize and manage tasks in a gorgeous, customizable environment, that perfectly adapts to their workflow and even automates recurring steps.

For those practicing agile or lean project management, MeisterTask functions as an elegant and lightweight Kanban implementation. MeisterTask also features time tracking, keyboard shortcuts, the ability to complete work via email, and functionality for creating relationships between tasks.

Besides integrations with popular tools like GitHub, Zendesk, Google Drive, Slack and Dropbox, MeisterTask also connects into MeisterLabs’ online mind mapping app MindMeister, enabling the millions of existing MindMeister users to turn their brainstorms and visually-created project plans directly into agile project boards. Tasks stay synced between the two platforms to ensure that users can switch back and forth between the mind map and the project board at any time.

MeisterTask’s online version can be accessed via The mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is now also available for free and can be downloaded on the App Store.

MeisterLabs, the company behind MeisterTask and MindMeister, develops and provides highly usable web-based software tools. They employ the concepts of simplicity, usability and collaboration to provide new and revolutionary ways of working together in our increasingly global and connected environment. For more information about MeisterLabs please visit