Men Vs Women in Online Gambling Industry

Posted: 10th November 2017 11:02

Casinos have been in trend for ages. Casinos have seen many developments over the years. The online casinos have been introduced with numerous online casino games. However, one thing has remained constant for a long time and that is women do not gamble as much as men. In the earlier times, casinos were male-dominated and there were very few to none female players in the casino games. However now with the online casino, even women are getting attracted to gambling. It has been considered a taboo for a woman to gamble. There are a lot of women these days who love to gamble and play online casino games. The online and mobile casinos such as Monster Casino have been doing a lot of things that are just female-friendly to attract more women to join their online casino.
There is a difference between the men and women gamblers in the online gambling industry. Although the numbers are increasing but are shown that the women and men show different behaviours at the online casinos. Here is how:
The Preference of Online Casino Games
The male population is usually seen playing more or the strategic games such as poker and blackjack or some other table games. These are the games that require the player to think and process the information before playing their hand. However, it has been seen that the women prefer more luck based games such as slots and roulette etc. Women are especially attracted to the slots, bingo, and other mini online casino games because they do not require a lot of strategies. This can mean that they are easier going when it comes to gambling in comparison to men. However, there is still some portion that prefers table games just like the men.
Statistics Show It All
A survey done by UKGC showed that the women gamblers are rising in number day to day. They found out that 44% women gamble online and 30% have indulged in some of the other kind of gambling activity in the past 30 days. The Online bingo sites obviously try a lot to attract women since it is one of the most famous games amongst them. Even in the case of social gaming, the percentage of the women participants is 19% in comparison to the 23% male population.
This shows that men and women are equally attracted to the online casino games however their preferences to the kind of games are different. Many online casinos such as Monster Casino have great offers on their online casino games that attract all kinds of players equally.
Casinos tend to provide Woman-Friendly casino atmosphere
Many online casinos have been trying to attract the female population by developing a special atmosphere for them. The casinos are decorated in pink colours and graphics. Although this is just a myth that every woman likes pink and flowery designs. So, some other casinos have come up with innovative ideas to make the gambling experience much more fun for their female players. Many online casino games are designed keeping the females in mind. This shows that the casinos are opening to the female population.