Mobile Casino Apps Taking Over The iGaming Industry

Posted: 5th October 2017 12:47

The popularity of mobile phones is unparalleled. The demand of mobile phones has increased by leaps and bounds and almost everyone is availing its facilities. Its popularity has automatically led to the increase in demand for mobile apps. The gambling industry, too, has been taken by the wave of mobile apps. The demand of mobile casino apps is at an all-time high. In fact, they have emerged to be the way more popular than the iGaming industry. And why shouldn’t it be so? After all, mobile casino apps offer all the facilities available on a regular online casino platform.
A lot of studies have been conducted regarding the use of mobile apps. A similar study concluded that one out of five players made use of their smartphones to play casino games, in between their working hours. Another report by Global Gambling Market predicted that mobile casino will total up to 40% of the iGaming industry by the coming year. The statistics related to mobile gaming is quite impressive too. The mobile casino wagers set annually is forecasted to reach the mark of $60 billion by 2018. For the same reason, all casino brands such as Monster Casino have launched their mobile casino app for the extraordinary experience of their customers.
Technology progress enhancing the gaming experience
The question that now arises is why the players are preferring mobile casino apps over other platforms? The obvious answer to it is the progress made by the technology. Mobile phones have become extremely handy and almost everything can be done with their help. Be it shopping or banking, gaming or chatting- mobile phones provide each of the facilities. They are laced with powerful operating systems and have grown up to be an efficient platform for gaming.
Another viable reason for the same can be the convenience offered by the mobile apps. They are available at a go, and the graphics and interface are of unmatched quality. Earlier, the mobile apps available weren’t of quality that good. But with advancement in technology, the quality of mobile casino apps has raised by manifold.
Welcome to on the go and diverse gaming
There’s no doubt to the fact that mobile casino apps have paved way to on-the-go gaming. Also, the varieties of games offered by them are countless. Additionally, these apps are easy to download and generally, are available for free on play store or apple store. Their presence on reputable stores such as google play store authenticates their repute and reliability.  Brands such as Monster casino successfully launched mobile casino app specially built for Android and iOS platforms. These apps offer instant real money along with other amazing facilities. The social gaming apps are different in a way that they offer free gaming facilities along with the in-app purchase.
It can be very conveniently said that mobile apps have been revolutionary when it comes to the gambling industry. They are quite compact, easy to handle and extremely slick. All one requires is a data connection and a device to open up the world of new opportunities. This flexible platform is undoubtedly the new big thing and had made money making, from anywhere across the globe, extremely convenient.