Mobile Experts Launches Research On 5G Business Case

Posted: 24th February 2015 10:33

Mobile Experts launched a new research program today to aid development of 5G mobile services. Mobile Experts has identified four potential 5G scenarios for intense scrutiny, focusing on the applications most likely to produce revenue that is out of reach for 4G operators.

The Mobile Experts 5G Research Service will include a series of reports throughout 2015, providing key information as the market develops. Over the course of the year, your Experts will provide:

1. An initial report on the Definition of 5G based on business factors, not based exclusively on technical factors.
2. A deep-dive technical analysis titled 5G Architecture: End-to-end system analysis into what 4G and Wi-Fi assets can be re-used and what new investment needs to be made, culminating in some critical cost estimates for 5G networks in terms of $/Gbps of capacity and $/km2 of coverage. This document will also include analysis of handset architectures and cost estimates for M2M terminals and 10 Gbps+ terminals for residential broadband services.
3. ROI analysis for Machine-Type Communications in 5G:
5G Business Case: Machine-Type Communications
-Healthcare Case Study
-Automotive Case Study
-Industrial Case Study
4. ROI Analysis for Residential Broadband Services

5G Business Case: Wireless Fiber-to-the-Home (W-FTTH)
"At Mobile Experts, we never start coverage of a new market with a wild guess at market size," explained Joe Madden, Principal Analyst at the research firm. "We're starting 5G research with a rigorous business analysis of key applications. The scenarios most likely to create new revenue and profit for mobile operators will evolve into 5G. Our analysts have 20-30 years of experience at the CTO level, so we understand that a new generation is not defined by an ivory-tower technical spec, but by a revenue stream."

This research service is subscription-only, and so a license includes all reports released under this category. As an end-to-end system analysis, the 5G Research Service covers both handsets and networks.

The first document, Definition of 5G, will be available on February 27. It will illustrate how 5G is fundamentally different than LTE and Wi-Fi, both in terms of technology and business models. It will lay out the steps for standardization, and identify key applications that our Experts consider the likely basis for 5G infrastructure and devices.

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