Mobile Marketing Tips

Posted: 23rd May 2019 14:07

Nowadays everything can be done on our mobile phones. Such that even when it comes to running our business we can do this all for a few swipes of our smartphones. Besides what is the use of the phones being smart if we can’t use them to make our lives easier. That is why today we are giving you a few tips on how to manage your business form your smartphones.

Tips when mobile marketing

Text Marketing

Even with the advent of so many social media applications, nothing beats a good old text message. Therefore as you run your business, you can always throw in a few texts to your clients every now and gain. Most legit and real pokies online australia companies use SMSs now and then. However, as you do so, make sure that these are texts that are worth it. Don't just text random information. Make sure that it is relevant and has meaning. This is because when you always text random information, the moment that you text something that is important, they will ignore it.

Customer Service

If you state that client can contact you on a certain number, always make sure that you keep that device next to you. When clients call for assistance, they expect you to assist them. Therefore by ignoring their calls, they get frustrated. Furthermore, if a client it to call with a problem and then their calling credit runs out, call them back. That way, you are able to build their confidence and they know that you are reliable.


As a business, it is also very important that you run promotions from time to time. Even online casinos have real money bonuses and promotions every now and again. That way you are able to give your clients something to look forward to. Furthermore, the more promotions that you run, the more you are likely to attract your clients. And the more that you attract your clients, the more you grow your business.