Necessary IT And IS For Your Business

Posted: 27th March 2015 16:26

By Josh Hill
Most businesses have made the switch to cloud-based services for their communication needs, and to store and access data. The publicity surrounding multiple cyber-attacks has made cyber security one of the biggest concerns in the IT industry. Security as a service makes it easy to protect an entire business in much the same way that cloud-based operating systems work. Instead of installing software programs on individual computers, an entire security system is accessed and implemented across the entire business.
Additional Benefits of Security as a Service
Security as a service can provide businesses with a number of additional features that let them keep their company secure on every level. Management has the ability to keep track of which employees are using the network, as well as the apps those employees are using while they are connected. Some systems also provide security for communications including emails that are highly vulnerable to hacking.
The emails, spreadsheets, documents, audio files and other types of data your business uses every day is one of your most valuable assets. Data backup is essential for securing the documents and communications that are valuable to you but this process should go beyond backing up to a second on-site hard drive. The right network backup services will not only provide regular backup of your data, but also use high encryption levels and fast transfers to keep the data safe during every phase of the process.
Every Business Needs Social Media
Social media marketing has become more and more popular for both large and small businesses that as they become more in tune with the way consumers purchase goods. There are many tools that let you find your target customer, build relationships with those customers, learn what people are saying about your business and your products, manage your reputation, and much more. Attention to these details can be very time consuming, however.
This is another area of your business where hiring a professional to manage the social media aspect of your business for you could result in a better return on your investment. Along with the growth of popularity of social media marketing, numerous companies have cropped up that offer a wide range of services. Although one of the advantages of social media marketing is its low cost, the amount you invest in a professional social media management service will be worthwhile in the end. The potential to make a mistake that could cost you a lot of money in damage repair, or the reputation of your business, is too great to risk. Instead, focus on the things that put you ahead of the competition and leave your online presence to the professionals.
Create a Website that Works for Mobile Customers
More people are conducting business on their mobile devices, and the trend is only expected to grow. According to Server Backup (click here), although many businesses think that they are easily accessible to mobile customers, their websites are not designed with the mobile user in mind. Every business should invest in a responsive website that will work on any computing device. Otherwise, they are likely to miss out on the mobile market. If customers have to "pinch" or "squint" to access your site, there is a big possibility that they will leave your site and go to the competition.