Netclearance Systems, Inc. Launches mBeaconSense To Power Next-Generation IoT Sensing Applications

Posted: 17th April 2015 16:53

mBeaconSense - The smallest and most innovative multi-sensor hub to power Internet of Things
Netclearance Systems, Inc., (NCS) the leading provider of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi based proximity beacon hardware and software solutions, today unveiled mBeaconSense, the world's first multi-sensor BLE beacon technology integrating five sensors into one form factor.

The mBeaconSense hub embeds temperature, vibration, accelerometer, magnetic, and light sensors into a 15mm x 20mm form factor making it the industry's smallest beacon technology to incorporate multiple data sensors into one device. Combined with the Netclearance Systems' Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and mesh gateways, mBeaconSense enables multiple remote sensing capabilities in a single tag allowing for streamlined, and cost-effective deployments. mBeaconSense includes everything necessary to create next generation IoT sensing capabilities utilizing low power Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

"The launch of mBeaconSense addresses a gap in the marketplace by offering a complete suite of multi-mode proximity beacons and software from one company," said David Fernandez, Netclearance Systems' CEO. "A sensor doesn't mean much unless there is a powerful gateway to collect and analyze the data. We already had the servers, the analytics, and the gateways.  The mBeaconSense was the missing piece."

Innovative Hybrid
The mBeaconSense incorporates a near field communication (NFC) antenna and memory to provide close proximity passive identification capabilities making the product both a hybrid passive and active tag. Unlike anything else in the industry, this innovative solution allows for the tag to be read from a few inches to miles away via Internet connection capabilities.

Scalable, Cost-Effective
mBeaconSense is designed to enable scalable deployments of BLE sensor beacons that can run using small batteries for many years.  The Bluetooth low energy (BLE) RFID enabled battery-powered smart tags collect and store multiple levels of information delivering long read range without line of sight, lowering cost of ownership, and allowing for the lowest power consumption of any competing technology.

The device joins the Netclearance Systems' leading portfolio of IoT gateways, including the mBeacon2 and mBeacon3.  All Netclearance Systems, Inc. solutions utilize proximity beacon technology and feature open server APIs (REST), mobile SDKs, and advanced analytics capabilities.

RFID Journal Live
mBeaconSense and Netclearance Systems portfolio of products and services platform will be showcased at RFID Journal Live April 15-17, San Diego, CA,, at the Internet of Things Pavilion, Booth 320C. Visit for further information and to request a demonstration.
About Netclearance Systems, Inc.

Netclearance Systems, Inc. provides one of the industry's most comprehensive portfolios of active beacon hardware and software enabling low power wireless proximity solutions to meet a broad range of applications including active RFID, mobile payments, presence analytics, asset tracking, workforce management, and many other applications. Founded in October 2011, the company is privately held and with offices in San Diego, CA and London, U.K. with authorized reseller partners around the globe.