Office Design and Productivity: Do They Really Go Hand In Hand?

Posted: 26th September 2019 08:03

Office design and productivity are a winning combination if the office layout is thought out beforehand. With the option of an open office layout or designated pods, it is important to consider how every team will work together. In this article, we will be looking into how office design can help to increase productivity in your office.

Encourage Productivity With Desk Space

When designing your office to prioritise productivity it is important to remember that the overall functionality can have a dramatic effect on the amount of work completed. By creating a group of desks with a lot of space, you are generating a creative space for teams to work together and create ideas to work to a deadline. With a number of desk options available such as stylish white and black desks as well as modern curved desk options you can create the perfect office that works with the space that you have.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Using technology to your advantage when designing an office is crucial to ensure productivity. Whether this is a creative area with a whiteboard or a meeting room with a computer and screen for business meetings, this is the perfect way to boost productivity whilst designing a space that is fit for purpose. The higher quality the technology, the more likely you are to run a streamlined business model with a state-of-the-art office that is ideal for your workforce and makes work enjoyable.

Bring Plants Into the Workplace

Another way to design an office and increase productivity is to incorporate the use of plants. Whether this is a potted plant on a reception desk or a number of plants in the office this can be used to purify the air and help your workforce to feel motivated. Though plants will need to be maintained over time watering them at the end of every workday will help to keep them looking luscious and green. You can then either add or take away plants to suit you if you decide to have an office change.

Make Your Office Functional

Though it is important that an office looks great, it is crucial that it is also functional. Whether this is the positioning of the desks or the location of the meeting room, this can all influence the productivity of the office. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are designing the office around your teams and the people that they communicate with, particularly if you have an open office plan as this encourages open communication between the teams. This can take time to fully establish into a business, however, it will be beneficial in the long term in terms of functionality.

Whether you are looking to completely redo your existing office space, or you are just looking to make a few simple changes, there are a number of ways that you can increase productivity with the perfect office design. Where will you start with the design process?