Online Apps That Can Help Your Business

Posted: 1st April 2019 09:55

Financial whiz. Communicator. Problem solver. Running a small business means that you’re more than likely wearing more than a single hat. If you’re looking for ways to promote organization and productivity – or just to make life as an entrepreneur a bit easier – good business apps can come in handy. Here’s a quick look at some that might help you on your way to growing your business.


This is an app that gives freelance workers and small business owners an easy way to track and manage invoices. It allows you to create professional yet personalized invoices that will match your business. You can also bill clients automatically for invoices that are recurring and even accept credit cards right on your mobile device. A few other features that are useful are the ability to organize and track expenses regardless of where you are and then create business reports that are customizable. This includes things like profit and loss statements. This works on Android and iOS devices as well as PCs.


When it comes to keeping your notes in order, Evernote is a great online notepad. You can share and/or store both your business and personal to-do lists, notes, and reminders across your desktop and mobile devices. It’s available on Android and iOS devices as well as Mac and Windows. Organization is usually a key component of getting a small business off the ground, apps like this really help you keep everything organized ready accessible.


This is a great app that can be used to gain followers for your business and as a marketing tool. It’s available on almost all devices and operating systems and simple to use. Instagram allows you to add still pictures or videos to tell the story for your business that needs to be told.


There have been a few competitors that have attempted to knock Skype off the pedestal it lives on, but when it comes to video conferencing, this app remains both popular and effective  — and it has over 10 million Google Play reviews. Skype can be used to voice or video call anyone regardless of where in the world they are. You can get as many as 25 people on a single call, transmit files, photos, and videos of any size, share the screen of the computer you’re using, and even send voice or text messages. It can also be used on any Amazon Alexa device.

Rescue Time

This is an app that automatically tracks the time you spend on websites and applications and then sends you detailed reports that are based on your activity. This is great when it comes to giving you an accurate idea of how you spent your time. You can use it to set alerts that will notify you once you’ve been at a specific activity for a specified amount of time, such as reading the news or scrolling through your Facebook feed. It can even block websites that are distracting. It works on Android, Linux, PC, and Mac.