Online Tools Every SME Should Invest In

Posted: 25th November 2016 12:21

Managing a small and medium-sized business is a matter of idea generation, strategic planning, and resource distribution. But most importantly, it depends on the tools that are used to execute the specific projects in a timely and professional manner.
Scaling a business successfully can be done either by outsourcing or by relying on a specific set of tools to facilitate the working process. Today, we’re going to discuss the importance of the different technology and tool types every SME should invest in or order to achieve a steady growth.

Invoicing Tools

Running a business requires strict finance tracking that can be done either manually or with the help of specialized software. Small businesses can often spend too much time managing invoices. In larger businesses, this task is usually outsourced or taken over by a designated in-house team. Invoicing tools help businesses provide timely and professionally looking invoices to their clients. The coherency in the provided invoices will leave a good impression in clients. Relying on a quality invoicing tool also aids business owners in successfully carrying out their projects without loosening their grip on their finances. 

Content Creation Tools

The digital era we live in requires a special approach towards advertisement. One that incorporates media in a variety of forms. The high demand for media content has inspired many tech startups to build design tools that can be effortlessly used by non-professionals in the field. Today, with the help of these tools, design amateurs as well as small and medium-sized businesses which can’t afford professional design services are able to create a wide array of graphic types while successfully scaling their businesses. By relying on a specific set of design tools, teams are able to carry out their tasks in the digital design world and create quality print materials, social media graphics, web design content, and even 3D printing project. This can aid businesses in establishing a powerful advertising campaign with an innovative approach and launch their product successfully in a technology-driven market.

VPN Tools

The VPN is a virtual private network that’s used by enterprises and private users to provide a secure remote access to a specific network. Choosing the most reliable tool for private, remote connection is essential for is essential for businesses and organizations that want to keep their data safe while establishing a telecommuting team. The virtual private network adds a layer of security to the network connection by using tunneling protocols, such as the Layer Two Tunneling Protocol ( (L2TP). It encrypts the sent data and decrypts it at the end. The data passes through a so-called “tunnel” that allows access only to properly encrypted data. The VPN can also provide security for users by encrypting the data as well as the network addresses of the sender and recipient.

Project Management Tools

Project management is the foundation of every business, no matter how big or small it is. Every organization has its goals and the different project management tools out there is a significant aid in achieving success.
According to Richard P. Olsen, project management can be defined as “the application of a collection of tools and techniques… to direct the use of diverse resources toward the accomplishment of a unique, complex, one-time task within time, cost, and quality constraints.”

In this sense, in order to manage a project successfully, businesses have to use a combination of tools and techniques. They can vary from intranet software and private communication services to billing and time tracking. These tools should be able to differentiate the specific roles within the business or organization and allow admin users to assign tasks accordingly.

Online Marketing Tools 

Managing an online marketing campaign is almost impossible without using the right tools for the job. Tracking social media metrics and user engagement is an inseparable part of every campaign. There is a variety of online marketing tools that can be separated into several categories. Tracking and measuring social signals is one way to determine if a specific project has met the expectations of your team. In order to guarantee high user engagement, businesses need to rely on social post scheduling tools, as well as analytics software that can help them calculate their success rate and the return on investment.